Month: January 2021

‘Showing their patriotism:’ Greenwich students honored for essays on anniversary of the Boston Massacre – Greenwich Time

The Putnam Hill Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter rewarded some of Greenwich’s brightest young minds for their perspectives on the past. At a ceremony outside Putnam Cottage on East Putnam Avenue, the DAR honored the winners of its American Essay Contest. The contest, which was open to…

East Phillips Neighborhood Community and Press Conference a Major Success – Alleynews

By EAST PHILLIPS NEIGHBORHOOD INSTITUTE  “I can’t in good conscience continue to support unsustainable unimaginable policies that continue to disrupt our communities. I really support this effort to create a more sustainable future for our communities, for our City.” – Minneapolis City Council Vice President and Ward 8…

One of the best mandates in President Biden’s ‘Climate Day’ orders: the Civilian Climate Corps – Red, Green, and Blue

Aside from Social Security, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was the most popular New Deal program with the general public in the 1930s. In an omnibus executive order Wednesday—Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad—President Joe Biden announced a reinvention of the program that The New Republic in 1935…