A mental health crisis is coming – here’s how HR can help – Human Resources Director


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“Throughout the pandemic, digital health came into its own,” he told HRD. “Some employers added telemedicine benefits midyear as the use of virtual healthcare exploded and around half of Canadian employers expanded digital wellness as a result of the pandemic.

“It’s heartening to see one in three companies have understanding employees’ mental health on their agendas for the year ahead and 64% of Canadian companies plan to add benefits to directly address mental or emotional health issues. Prioritizing health and wellbeing will need to continue beyond the pandemic. 2020 has highlighted the fact that now is the time to make health, wellbeing and flexibility priorities within organizations.

“The approach will need to be intersectional, and business will need to prioritize HR transformation. Thus, HR can move away from serving an operational function into a strategic role. This will allow them to focus on improving the employee experience by becoming a more people-centred function that places a premium on employee interactions.”

Moving further into 2021, it’s clear that employer priorities have shifted. As Mercer uncovered in their research, 64% of HR leaders believe COVID-19 will continue to impact their businesses negatively.

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