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SANTA CLARITA, Cali. – Gothic Landscape recently named Roger Zino, currently vice chairman of the company and veteran of the landscape business, as CEO of the company.

Jon Georgio, Gothic’s current CEO, will remain chairman of the board. Georgio will continue to be active in his areas of passion, including a continued focus on distinctive customer relationships and the company’s unique family culture.

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“Roger’s increasing involvement in our company has confirmed and further energized us all to the fabulous growth opportunities we have in front of us,” Georgio said. “His experience in scaling service businesses, combined with his genuine passion for the landscape profession, comes at the perfect time in our company’s evolution.”

“I am deeply honored the Georgio family has entrusted me with the responsibility of continuing the company’s family legacy as the first non-family CEO,” Zino said. “In working closely with the company over the past 18 months I have been equally impressed with all it has accomplished, as well as the unique potential it has in the coming years to expand its distinctive mark on the industry. The family’s willingness to continue to invest in its future and expand its vision of the company’s leadership, speaks to the multi-generational view the family has of its commitment to this business.”

Ron Georgio, the founder of Gothic’s maintenance division, will assume the role of vice chairman, serving in a key governance and special project capacity. Nada Duna will continue in her role as chief operating officer of the maintenance division, which has enjoyed expansion over the past four years and is seen as a key growth area for the company. 

Zino previously served as president of ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance, CEO of ValleyCrest Companies and as vice chairman of Brightview during the company’s integration. Prior to ValleyCrest, he was a partner at McKinsey & Co. and served a range of diversified businesses. 

Zino has a B.S.B.A. degree in accounting/computer science from Georgetown University, an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School and is currently a candidate for his Certificate in Horticulture from UCLA Extension in June 2021. 

“It has been such a pleasure to get to know the people of Gothic and their tremendous value system,” Zino said. “It really motivates me to bring my best effort every day.”

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