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2020 Social Responsibility Highlights

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

We are extremely grateful to the women and men of TEGNA for rising to meet the extraordinary challenges of 2020. Their strength, dedication and compassion, fueled by our shared purpose to serve the greater good, was truly inspirational. We have never been more certain of the importance of the role our company and its people play for our consumers and communities.

Throughout the year, TEGNA's employees and stations were there for our communities when they needed us most. At the same time, we supported our employees by implementing procedures to keep them safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and providing additional health and wellness resources. Our reporting during the pandemic, based on our "Facts Not Fear" editorial philosophy, forged a deeper bond of trust with our audience as they relied on our stations' fact-based news and information to keep them informed and safe. The critical role local broadcast television plays in the communities we serve became more apparent than ever.

TEGNA stations also helped meet the unprecedented challenges our communities experienced due to the impacts of the pandemic on lives and livelihoods. Through fundraising efforts and partnerships with local charitable organizations, our stations contributed to relief efforts to support those whose lives have been adversely affected by COVID-19, including first responders and individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. And when racial justice demonstrations threatened to create deeper divides, our stations facilitated honest, inclusive conversations to begin the process of healing and change within our communities.

The movement for racial and social justice and equality in 2020 also caused us to look inward asa company and evaluate our own progress on racial diversity and inclusion and identify ways in which we can enhance our focus and impact. While we are proud of TEGNA's diverse and inclusive culture, we recognize the need for increased accountability throughout our company in order to meet our long-term goal of making TEGNA as diverse as the communities we serve. In 2020, we made significant progress in these areas by appointing a chief diversity officer, identifying specific areas of oversight for each of our Board committees as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion ("DE&I"), and establishing 2025 goals related to these efforts, which are covered in more detail in this report.

As we look forward to the coming year, one of the main areas of focus for our Board and management is continuing to enhance our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives and reporting. The feedback we have gathered during conversations with our shareholders has helped to inform our ongoing dialogue on these important matters. As you will see in this report, we have adopted new practices to increase responsibility and transparency, including through adopting the SASB disclosure standards for the Media & Entertainment industry, which you can find at the end of this report.

From our impactful and uplifting journalism, to fundraising and charitable efforts to help our neighbors in need, to the steps we have taken to drive sustainable progress in diversity, we conclude 2020 with pride in the impact we have made in our communities, and with renewed hope for a brighter year to come.

Howard D. Elias Chairman TEGNA Inc.

Dave Lougee President and CEO TEGNA Inc.


2020 Key Highlights



Named to The Civic 50 as one of the 50 most community-minded companies in the United States


raised for COVID-19 relief efforts


special grant to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund



Partnered with Reporters Committee for

Freedom of the Press to train law enforcement and local journalists on First Amendment freedom and safety

"Facts Not Fear" editorial philosophy deepened trust with viewers while keeping them informed and safe during the pandemic

12 Media Grants supporting press freedom, journalism ethics and training for the next generation of diverse journalists



employee matching gifts totaling more than






Signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality for 4th consecutive year by the Human Rights Campaignwith a score of 100 on the Corporate Equality Index

Launched employee Diversity & Inclusion Working Group

Added Juneteenth as a paid company holiday

Appointed Chief Diversity Officer

Strengthened diversity, equity and inclusion commitment to ensure our newsrooms, leadership and content fully reflect the communities we serve


In 2020, our Board adopted specific areas of oversight for each Board committee regarding TEGNA's DE&I efforts in order to strengthen accountability on diversity into our governance

Adopted SASB Media & Entertainment disclosure standards

5 of 12

of directors are female


of directors are racially and ethnically diverse


Provided Community Grants to support local sustainability efforts

Stations regularly reported on local, national and global environmental and sustainability issues impacting our communities, with WFAA's VERIFY Road Trip: Climate Truth receiving a 2021 duPont-Columbia Award for their reporting

Continued our practice of recycling and responsibly disposing of technology products and equipment and reducing waste

Our Purpose: To Serve the Greater Good of Our Communities

Our purpose to serve the greater good of our communities is our guiding light as we strive to make positive contributions to where we live and work. Our values of inclusion, integrity, innovation, impact and results drive our stations and employees to be a force for positive change. In 2020, our commitment to sustainability remained unwavering as we rose to meet the challenges of a global pandemic while taking action to ensure greater diversity within our company.

Our Board's Public Policy and Regulation Committee oversees and guides our corporate social responsibility initiatives and practices, and reviews and reports on these efforts on a periodic basis to our Board. Our Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") practices are designed to strengthen our business while protecting and enhancing TEGNA's long-term value for all our stakeholders - our communities, our employees, and our shareholders. TEGNA integrates ESG considerations into our overall strategy and provides information in four categories: social capital, human capital, corporate governance and environment. In 2020, our Board adopted specific areas of oversight for each Board committee regarding TEGNA's diversity and inclusion efforts in order to strengthen accountability on diversity into our governance.

5Driven by our purpose, TEGNA seeks to create positive societal change and impact through our reporting and our deeply held commitment to community service.

22TEGNA is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture and listening to and investing in our people.

30TEGNA's Board is guided by strong corporate governance policies that align with best practices for publicly held companies.

34TEGNA is committed to managing our environmental impact responsibly and sustainably and educating the public through our journalism.

Producing a newscast from KHOU's control room.

TEGNA's social responsibility website contains information on our environmental and social policies and programs including the following:

  • Environmental Policy: It is TEGNA's policy to operate our business as a corporate citizen committed to sound environmental management and with concern for the well-being of our common environment. TEGNA stations also regularly report on local, national and global environmental and sustainability issues impacting our communities.

  • Codes of Conduct: Our Codes of Conduct, applicable to all our directors, officers, employees and vendors, reflect our values and expectations on a number of topics, including a discrimination-free work environment, the efficient use of our assets, professional business conduct, supplier diversity and fair compensation. Employees may seek advice or report violations by contacting TEGNA's dedicated ethics hotline. The TEGNA Code of Vendor Conduct details our expectations with regard to fair labor practices; the protection of human rights; privacy and data security; anti-bribery and anti-corruption protections; and compliance and misconduct reporting.

  • Ethics Policies: Our Ethics Policies ensure all directors, officers and employees are held to the highest professional standards. As a company that produces and distributes the highest-quality news and information content, journalistic integrity is critical to ensure TEGNA's stations are the most trusted news sources in their communities. TEGNA's Principles of Ethical Journalism define the behavior that all employees who gather, report, produce and distribute news and information on any platform must adhere to. Our core principles of Truth, Independence, Public Interest, Fair Play, and Integrity form the foundation for all news content produced by TEGNA stations. In 2020, TEGNA also strengthened our Whistleblower and Ethics Violations Reporting Policy to protect employees who report any suspected violation of company policies.

  • Social Media Policy: All employees are expected to follow TEGNA's Social Media Policy. Additional policies are outlined for TEGNA's community-facing employees and news and editorial employees.

TEGNA's COVID-19 coverage is rooted in our Facts Not Fear editorial philosophy.

Social Capital


Keeping Our Communities Safe and Informed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

TEGNA stations' reporting throughout the pandemic sought to reassure our viewers through our "Facts Not Fear" editorial philosophy that focused on providing fact-based, trusted news and information to keep them safe. Our most critical role at the onset of the pandemic was reporting the news without adding to the fear and uncertainty our communities were experiencing. Across all platforms, TEGNA stations worked to ensure data was reported with proper context, relying on experts to help explain medical and scientific information to our audiences.

We actively worked to combat the spread of misinformation surrounding COVID-19 that had the potential to cause additional harm. TEGNA's VERIFY initiative to combat disinformation was greatly expanded, with additional national and local teams of fact-checkers employed to help our audience distinguish between fact and fiction.

TEGNA stations embraced user-generated content initiatives to build a deeper and more personal bond with our audience. Using the latest technologies, stations made it easy for viewers to communicate with TEGNA journalists and stations via text messaging. Our stations received thousands of text messages per day, with viewers textingtheir questions and sending in photos and video that were used in newscasts and in digital stories.

TEGNA stations also created special programs during the pandemic to ensure our audience was fully informed and armed with facts from leading experts. TEGNA's 12 Texas stations aired a live, one-hour special titled "Texas Together: A Coronavirus Conversation," that focused on the significant issues Texans were facing as COVID-19 was impacting all facets of their daily lives. The show featured an update from Texas Governor Greg Abbott and discussed topics ranging from personal finance and the economy to mental health, with experts providing strategic, actionable advice and answering viewer questions. In Washington, D.C., WUSA teamed up with TEGNA's VERIFY team and Reddit in a COVID-themed "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) on digital platforms that also aired live.

TEGNA's 12 Texas stations aired a live, one-hour COVID-19 special, providing statewide updates and answering viewer questions.

News and technology innovations allowed journalists to broadcast news programs from their homes during the pandemic.

Keeping Our Employees Safe

The TEGNA Board and management team began closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 from the moment the first cases were confirmed in the U.S. TEGNA's news production and technology teams worked to create innovative solutions to enable our stations to continue broadcast news programs as employees began transitioning to remote work. Our stations were able to anchor, edit and produce entire shows from their homes in the span of a few days.

This would not have been possible without the creativity of our people, the lessons learned from Hurricane Harvey in 2017 when our entire team at KHOU in Houston was evacuated from their building, and the technologies we have adopted. TEGNA has had mobile newsroom

Digital displays encourage employee safety at TEGNA's offices.

capabilities for a decade, and for years our reporters have been required to have the ability to work remotely, edit scripts and send video. During the transition to remote work, we ensured our people had the necessary equipment to deliver the news remotely and we upgraded our networks to allow data and traffic to move faster and more securely.

Throughout 2020, our Board and management team's biggest priorities were keeping our employees safe and our buildings protected, so that we could continue to provide trusted news to our communities and audience. The Board had ongoing conversations with our management team, bringing their substantial leadership and operational expertise to our decision-making.

  • • In March, TEGNA established a COVID-19 Task Force that meets four days per week and is dedicated to developing a framework to keep employees safe through remote work, implementation of protocols and practices for our buildings, communicating with employees to keep them informed and providing resources that support employees' physical and mental well-being.

  • • We created procedures to ensure our buildings remain safe for those employees whose jobs require them to be on-site and established guidelines and temporary policies based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other state and local health authorities for markets to adapt or customize based on the number of COVID-19 cases in their locality.

As we have continued to cover protests and public gatherings, we developed guidelines to keep employees working in the field safe and protected. In TEGNA's companywide employee survey completed in 2020, 92 percent of employees believed TEGNA's leadership team prioritized employee health and safety, while 93 percent said they received constant and ongoing communications.

Serving Our Communities in Their Time of Need

During the COVID-19 pandemic, TEGNA stations continued to partner with local nonprofit organizations to address urgent needs. Through virtual telethons, benefit concerts, fundraising drives and awareness campaigns, TEGNA stations have helped raise more than $66 million for local relief efforts, from supporting frontline healthcare workers to helping ensure families impacted by COVID-19 do not go hungry.

The TEGNA Foundation, the charitable foundation sponsored by TEGNA Inc., works to improve lives in the communities we serve by contributing to a variety of local charitable causes through Community Grants. In 2020, 36 percent of TEGNA Foundation Community Grants went directly to local community organizations working toward COVID-19 relief efforts.

Examples of stations' COVID-19 relief efforts include:

KING 5 - Seattle, Washington

The economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly increased the number of people in Washington State facing food insecurity, from 850,000 to 2.2 million. KING 5 has had a long-standing relationship with Northwest Harvest, the state's largest hunger relief agency, and in 2020 the station again partnered with Northwest Harvest in a drive to provide more than 23.5 million meals for Washington State families. Northwest Harvest CEO Thomas Reynolds said, "The extraordinary outpouring of KING 5 viewers has really helped Northwest Harvest launch a response around the state to meet this unprecedented demand."

KING 5 partnered with Northwest Harvest to help provide more than 23.5 million meals for Washington State families.

KVUE - Austin, Texas

When COVID-19 began impacting people and businesses in March, KVUE collaborated with local nonprofits Austin Community Foundation and United Way of Greater Austin to create a philanthropic fund, All Together ATX, to aid community relief efforts in Central Texas. KVUE, along with other local media groups, worked together to produce an all-day on-air and digital content fundraiser that premiered on KVUE on Friday, April 3. All Together ATX raised nearly $3.5 million during the special event, and as of December 2020, more than $7 million has been raised and disbursed to more than 100 local nonprofits.

KVUE and All Together ATX support Meals on Wheels of Central Texas.

KENS (San Antonio) participates in the Stuff the Bus school supply drive for students in need.


In April of 2020, NEWS CENTER Maine employees came together to host their first-ever virtual telethon, partnering with nine Maine Area United Way organizations to raise money for local COVID-19 relief efforts. More than $600,000 was raised on the evening of the telethon, with over 3,300 local donors coming together to support the cause. Using what they learned from their first successful virtual telethon, in May of 2020 NEWS CENTER Maine switched their yearly Feed Maine Telethon into a virtual event. Food insecurity is a priority issue for the station,and needs have continued to rise due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the local region. More than $700,000 was raised for these efforts from almost 5,000 donors.

NEWS CENTER Maine holds a virtual fundraising telethon.

WXIA (11Alive) investigates price gouging of masks and personal protective equipment.


Journalistic Integrity

  • • TEGNA's VERIFY fact-checking team believes that in addition to seeking the truth, journalists must also stop the spread of disinformation. VERIFY helps our audience become more responsible news consumers by identifying which stories or claims are true and which ones are false. The team observes what stories or claims are spreading that need clarification or correction and provides trustworthy, transparent fact gathering, always showing sources up front.

  • • All TEGNA journalists received disinformation training in 2020 in partnership with leading nonprofit First Draft.

  • • VERIFY expanded to Snapchat's Discovery platform, reaching a younger demographic.

  • • Visitors to VERIFY content in 2020 increased by 423 percent over 2019. (Source: Google Analytics)

  • • Stations implemented comprehensive Voter Access programs to educate voters and combat disinformation and fraud.

  • • TEGNA journalists reported on major news events using our Facts Not Fear approach, relying on experts and ensuring proper context in coverage.

Award-Winning Investigations

Exposing corruption and wrongdoing, holding elected officials and those in power accountable, giving a voice to the voiceless and telling empowering stories that impact our lives is at the heart of our purpose to serve the greater good. During a year when attacks on journalists, journalism and the First Amendment became all too common, TEGNA stations and our news teams continually strived to be the most trusted sources of news in our communities and to make an impact by being agents of change in the markets we serve. Our local journalists are empowered to seek out the stories that matter most to their audience and pursue investigations that expose wrongdoing while continuing to maintain the highest ethical standards.

In 2020, many of our investigations made an impact in communities, including:

WXIA (11Alive) - Atlanta, Georgia

In March of 2020, medical professionals across the country were resorting to reusing masks and personal protective equipment to see multiple patients as the U.S. healthcare system was becoming overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic and supplies were dangerously low. An WXIA investigation into price gouging found that sellers on the website Craigslist were charging up to $20 for a single mask, while investigative reporter Brendan Keefe purchased 20 masks from one seller for $97, nearly five times more than the retail price. As a direct result of WXIA's journalism, the Georgia Attorney General opened their own investigation into price gouging in Georgia.

WUSA (9NEWS) captures the scene as law enforcement uses tear gas on protesters in Washington, D.C.

KVUE - Houston, Texas

In March of 2019, Williamson County Sheriff's deputies, accompanied by a crew from the television program Live PD, initiated a routine stop for a minor traffic violation that led to a 22-minute chase and the death of Javier Ambler. KVUE's investigative team found that the deputies used Taser stun guns on Ambler at least three times, even as he told them multiple times that he had a heart condition and couldn't breathe. After Ambler died in police custody, KVUE began a months-long investigation to learn the details of his death, even as the Williamson County Sheriff's Office refused to reveal information on the case. In September of 2020, Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody was indicted on felony evidence tampering charges stemming from the destruction of video evidence in Ambler's death.

KVUE releases footage of police tasering Javier Ambler.

WUSA - Washington, D.C.

On June 1, 2020, days after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, a peaceful demonstration against racial injustice in downtown Washington, D.C. was broken up by law enforcement. Officers used tear gas and munitions called Stinger Ball grenades, which discharge rubber pellets, to clear an area near where President Donald Trump was scheduled to visit. After the protest, in the wake of public outcry at the tactics used on peaceful protesters, all federal and local law enforcement agencies denied using tear gas. WUSA's meticulous reporting provided incontrovertible proof that at least two different types of gas, in addition to Stinger Ball grenades, were used against peaceful demonstrators on the evening of June 1. WUSA's on-scene team reporting on the protests witnessed and was affected by the gas used by federal law enforcement, and immediately set out to collect the evidence they used in their reporting. WUSA's coverage of the protests was featured in the first hearing in the U.S. Congress convened on June 29 to investigate law enforcement tactics used in the June 1 protest.

WBNS - Columbus, Ohio

A seven-month investigation by 10TV into a Chillicothe, Ohio, dentist uncovered at least eight police reports and seven Dental Board complaints that Doctor Ronald Griffin assaulted children in his care. Although allegations date from 2004 to 2020, Griffin has never been arrested or

WXIA investigates Kevil Wingo's death and lack of accountability at Georgia jails.

charged by police, nor has he ever been disciplined by the Dental Board. After 10TV interviewed Griffin in February 2020, two more complaints were filed against him in May and June, by a parent and by a dental assistant in Griffin's office. Following 10TV's investigations, two Ohio legislators told the station they were looking into these issues to see what reforms may be needed to establish greater accountability, transparency and communication between the Dental Board and police to ensure parents and children are kept safe and informed.

WXIA (11Alive) - Atlanta, Georgia

In 2019, Kevil Wingo died while being held in custody at the Cobb County Detention Center, but the details of his death were concealed for nine months. WXIA's The Reveal investigative team uncovered evidence that showed deputies and nursing staff repeatedly ignored the man's pleas for help and failed to hold anyone accountable for his death. The investigation also sheds light on how a sheriff attempted to conceal jail death records from the public during an election year and the state's lack of oversight into inmate fatalities. In direct response to WXIA's reporting, a district attorney requested a federal investigation, a judge ordered a sheriff to produce jail records to The Reveal, two jail employees were put on administrative leave, Georgia's top law enforcement agency opened an administrative review into Kevil Wingo's death and a state representative plans to proposelegislation that could require independent investigations into future jail deaths.

KXTV (ABC10) - Sacramento, California

In 2019, KXTV's series FIRE-POWER-MONEY exposed Pacific Gas & Electric's (PG&E) role in influencing California politics while attempting to evade accountability for its role in California's deadly wildfires. In 2020, PG&E pled guilty to 84 felony manslaughter charges in the United States' largest corporate manslaughter case. As California's wildfires continue to break records due to overgrown forests and climate change, KXTV launched Season 2 of FIRE-POWER-MONEY in October, giving viewers an inside look at how PG&E became the largest convicted felon in American history and continues to avoid accountability.

Reporting on Racial and Social Justice

The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police sparked nationwide outrage and was a painful reminder that the United States must eliminate systemic racism before the promise of "liberty and justice for all" becomes a universal truth for all Americans.

The protests and demonstrations that ensued have served as a catalyst for critical yet often difficult conversations about race at all levels of our society. With stations in Minneapolis and many of the largest cities where the largest racial justice demonstrations were happening,

KARE 11 covers the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis.

including Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Louisville, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon, TEGNA journalists were on the front lines of protest coverage.

While reporting on the protests, TEGNA stations implemented guidelines to better inform our coverage and ensure proper context. Stations instituted practices to make sure diverse perspectives were heard both inside our newsrooms during editorial meetings and on our news broadcasts.

While keeping our audiences informed about the latest developments, our stations also used their platforms to move beyond daily protest coverage to begin convening and facilitating important discussions about race and inequality, having the honest conversations that are necessary to bring about needed change in our communities.

KARE 11 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

The KARE 11 news team, in addition to balanced and nuanced coverage of the George Floyd story and Minneapolis protests, enhanced and strengthened their coverage through their investigative journalism, which exposed alarming trends in law enforcement's use of force and gave further context to the events. KARE 11 found that Minneapolis police are far more likely to use force against Black people than white people. African Americans make up about one in five Minneapolis residents, yet account formore than 60 percent of the police use of force incidents since 2010. A separate investigation delved into complaints filed against Minneapolis police officers. KARE 11 found that only two percent of complaints filed since 2015 resulted in any disciplinary action, and that some officers with a dozen or more complaints filed against them have never been disciplined, while about 40 cases have been open for at least three years without action.

KGW - Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, is one of the least racially diverse large cities in the United States. The killing of George Floyd sparked nearly 150 consecutive nights of protests in Portland, many of which turned violent. As KGW reported

KGW aired "A Community Conversation" during social justice protests, where leaders and citizens shared their views on racism and changes needed in the Portland community.

KING 5's Facing Race series on racism and inequality.

on the nightly demonstrations, the station also made a pledge to its viewers to listen to and elevate voices from the Black community in their coverage. That pledge led to a special program, "A Community Conversation," in which leaders and citizens shared their thoughts on racism, police brutality and what needs to change in Portland and Oregon for the city and state to begin to heal.

KUSA - Denver, Colorado and

KARE 11 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I can't breathe." Those three words have become a rallying cry for people who were horrified by tactics used by police in restraining George Floyd. Yet the greater tragedy is that since 2010, at least 107 people nationwide died just like George Floyd did: facedown and on the

KARE 11 and KUSA investigate deaths of people who were being restrained by police.

ground. In a special series entitled PRONE, KUSA and KARE 11 spent a year investigating why people continue to die underneath the elbows, knees and bodies of police. More than two decades after the U.S. Department of Justice warned law enforcement agencies of the dangers of restraining people in a prone position while under the weight of officers, PRONE's investigation has found dozens of law enforcement departments across the country have largely ignored the advice. As a result, many have died under oftentimes questionable circumstances. Those deaths have resulted in more than $70 million in legal settlements. In light of the death of George Floyd, the investigation takes a close look at the practice as it also examines the two simple changes needed to help save lives.

Race and Equality Series and Specials

In addition to local and national protest coverage and investigations, TEGNA stations developed special programming to open a dialogue in our communities and educate viewers on issues of race and inequality, from both historical and current perspectives.

KING 5 - Seattle, Washington

KING 5 launched a 13-episode series on racism and racial inequality in September 2020 called Facing Race, hosted by longtime anchor Joyce Taylor and executive produced by Christin Ayers. The series tackled issues around race -

WXIA partnered with The National Center for Civil and Human Rights on the Campaign for Equal Dignity.

exposing racism and helping viewers understand its role in our everyday lives and how to take action to dismantle it at both an individual and systemic level. Stories in the series examine the real truths about inequity, injustice and systemic racism, and how they persist today in the Pacific Northwest. Through these stories, Facing Race brought to light the small and large steps each of us must take to make our national reckoning on race a turning point.

Beginning in early 2021, Facing Race will be incorporated into the KING 5 newscasts as a regular feature. The new segment will continue the work KING 5 has started and reinforce their commitment to cover race and racism while also looking for solutions to some of the country's most intractable race-related problems.

Facing Race was inspired in part by a KING 5 series that debuted in 1965 called Face to Face, hosted by Roberta Byrd Barr, the region's first African American television host on the first television show in the Pacific Northwest "to consistently explore issues of concern to minorities." Coinciding with the Facing Race launch, KING 5 and the TEGNA Foundation made a $15,000 grant to Byrd Barr Place, a Seattle nonprofit named after Barr that champions her work enabling progress within Black and low-income communities in Washington State.

WXIA (11Alive) - Atlanta, Georgia

In response to both the pandemic's disproportionate impact on the Black community and the outpouring of anger and despair in Atlanta surrounding police violence against Black men and women, WXIA partnered with The National Center for Civil and Human Rights in launching the Campaign for Equal Dignity. This multifaceted effort facilitates targeted anti-discrimination training experiences for corporations, workplaces and law enforcement, and provides educational programming and conversation opportunities to help all people protect rights and dismantle structural racism. Atlanta's WXIA engages with the NCCHR around the Campaign for Equal Dignity in several ways:

  • • WXIA's Emmy Award-winning production department produced two public service announcements in support of the various tenets of the Campaign.

  • • The National Center for Civil and Human Rights sponsored WXIA's news and prime time specials for the 2020 March on Washington in August which included prime time programming, news content, and story-telling vignettes on the history of the March on Washington - inspiration from our past with motivation for our future.

  • • WXIA leadership and management teams participated in a two-day remote training session with the NCCHR called Equal Dignity in the Workplace.

2020 Journalism Awards

Multiplatform Broadcaster of the Year Award

2 2021 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University AwardsAlliance for Women in Media Foundation Gracie Awards

Awarded by Broadcasting+Cable for excellence across television, digital and OTT platforms

Honoring WFAA and KING 5 for excellence in audio and video journalism

Honoring outstanding programming by, for and about women; TEGNA stations received more Gracie Awards than any other local news organization in the country

Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards

TEGNA received the most awards among local station broadcast groups in 2020

Stations received more National

Murrow Awards than any other local television broadcast groupStations won more awards than any other local broadcast television group

Journalism Awards Highlights

In 2020, TEGNA was named Multiplatform Broadcaster of the Year by Broadcasting+Cable, a leading industry publication, for excellence across television, digital and OTT platforms. 29 TEGNA stations received a total of 88 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards for excellence in broadcast journalism, more than any other local broadcast television group, including eight awards for overall excellence, the highest honor awarded. Five stations won for excellence in innovation, which awards innovations that "enhance the quality of journalism and the audience's understanding of news." In addition, our commitment to transform local news in the digital ageresulted in 10 awards inspired by our dedicated innovation process, and 11 awards for multimedia or excellence in social media.

Our stations also received two 2021 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards, among the highest honors given for excellence in journalism. WFAA was honored for VERIFY Road Trip: Climate Truth, which took a climate change skeptic on a journey through Texas and Alaska to meet experts and witness first-hand the effects of global warming. KING 5 won for their documentary Bob's Choice, chronicling the final months of a 75-year-old terminally ill cancer patient who chose to end his life under Washington's Death with Dignity Act.

Goal #1 • No Poverty 10%

TEGNA Foundation Community Grants

Goal #2 • Zero Hunger 19%

Goal #3 • Good Health

and Well-Being 42%

Goal #4 • Quality Education 24%

Goal #8 • Decent Work and

Economic Growth 2%

Other 3%


Our mission to serve the greater good of our communities goes beyond keeping our audience informed and safe. TEGNA and our stations take an active role in helping make our communities better places to live and work. Through the TEGNA Foundation, we work to improve lives in the communities we serve by contributing to a variety of local charitable causes through Community Grants. Through its other programs, the Foundation invests in the future of the media industry through Media Grants, supports employee giving and volunteerism, and contributes to a variety of charitable causes.

In 2020, TEGNA was recognized as one of the 50 most community-mindedcompanies in the United States. TEGNA was also selected by The Civic 50 as the Sector Leader in the Telecommunications industry.


The TEGNA Foundation's local Community Grants program is the main vehicle for distributing charitable donations within our communities. Each year, TEGNA stations identify pressing needs in their communities and partner with local nonprofit organizations to help address these issues. Grants are distributed within the United Nations Sustainable

"I've been a mentor with the ACP Program for about three years, and the reason why it's so meaningful to me is because I am a veteran myself. I spent almost nine years in the Navy and I know how hard it is to transition into civilian life and into a regular job. And I'm proud to help these veterans in any way I can. I know the way and I hope that I can shine a light on some darkness through their transition and that's the reason why I keep doing it year after year. Thank you so much for the opportunity. It's been incredible and one of the proudest volunteer times I've had."


Pacifica Sauer, Production Editor, KHOU

Development Goal framework, with the majority of 2020 grants supporting four major categories: Good Health and Well-Being, Quality Education, Zero Hunger, and No Poverty. TEGNA stations amplify the impact of charitable donations through on-air and digital awareness campaigns to raise the profile of important issues and causes and through employee volunteerism. In 2020, stations participating in the TEGNA Foundation Community Grants program made 260 grants totaling $1.85 million.

TEGNA Foundation Community Grants

In addition to the TEGNA Foundation's Community Grants program, TEGNA stations help to raise more than $100 million each year in support of diverse local causes that address specific needs in our communities. While much of our stations' efforts were focused on providing relief for those impacted by COVID-19, helping to raise more than $66 million in this effort, stations also continued to address other areas of need. For example, WUSA hosts an annual event called Still Standing to inform and inspire breast cancer survivors. Due to COVID-19, WUSA held the event virtually in 2020 and continued to celebrate survivors and educate the public about breast cancer.

TEGNA employees also give back to their local communities by volunteering for and donating to their favorite causes. In response to the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19 and the social justice movement of 2020, in June, the TEGNA Foundation doubled its employee matching gift program, offering employees a 2:1 match for their donations to the causes and nonprofits most meaningful to them. As a result, in 2020, the TEGNA Foundationapproved more than 3,000 employee matching gifts, a new high for the program. More than 1,000 unique charities were reached through TEGNA employees' giving, and their donations combined with the TEGNA Foundation's matches totaled more than $1.9 million.

TEGNA supports employee participation in charitable causes, providing 10 hours of paid time off annually for volunteer work in addition to our employee matching gift program. Employees still found ways to be impactful in 2020 despite the limitations of COVID-19, using their volunteer time-off hours for virtual events such as online mentorship or socially distanced food delivery to those in need.

TEGNA employees also take part in mentoring our nation's veterans through our partnership with American Corporate Partners (ACP),

helping veterans transition out of the military and guiding them as they re-enter life in the private sector.

TEGNA stations are also a valued resource for communities when natural disasters strike. In addition to our news coverage that keeps our audience informed and safe during disasters, TEGNA stations tell inspirational stories of heroism and hope to help our communities pull together during times of crisis. When wildfires began affecting Oregon and Washington residents, KGW activated the Northwest Response Fund, in partnership with the Red Cross, to assist residents who have been displaced or impacted. Within one week, KGW helped to raise more than $1 million and at the end of 2020 donations stood close to $2 million.

KHOU 11's Computers for Our Kids virtual telethon and Community Grant to Comp-U-Dopt provided laptops for Houston-area students.

Community Grants: Engagement in Action

TEGNA Foundation Community Grants empower our stations to identify urgent needs in their communities and the local partners whose work could most benefit from community grant support. The following are a few examples of stations' efforts in 2020:

KHOU 11- Houston, Texas

KHOU understands that Houston's future hinges on the quality of education received by students from Pre-K to high school. That's why KHOU made the commitment to be Houston's Education Station. During the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of students from low-income families found themselves without a computer at home for remote classes. As a means of addressing this digital divide, KHOU raised nearly $90,000 for the nonprofit Comp-U-Dopt through the station's Computers for Our Kids Telethon in addition to providing direct financial support through a grant from the TEGNA Foundation. The donations from the telethon provided nearly 450 laptops for students across the Greater Houston area. In addition, the station showed its support for education by adopting Charles Atherton Elementary at the start of the 2020- 2021 school year. KHOU held an internal school supply drive for their adopted school in which KHOU employees purchased hundreds of school supplies for the students.


"With the support of the TEGNA Foundation,we are able to supply hundreds of computers to families who need them the most during this unprecedented time. The computer is more than just a tool for distance learning - it is a lifeline for families to connect to resources both big andsmall. Forty-six percent of families living at or below the federal poverty line still do not haveaccess to a computer in their homes here in Houston. Getting these computers into the hands of students and families is only possible through dedicated community partners like KHOU and the TEGNA Foundation. Thank you for helping us to bridge the digital divide here in Houston."


Executive Director, Houston & Galveston, Comp-U-Dopt

WUSA - Washington, D.C.

Since partnering with WUSA in 2009, the annual WUSA Turkeys for Troops Telethon has raised over $1.1 million in support of the program to supply service members and their families with holiday celebration budgetary relief. In 2020, WUSA hosted the first Turkeys for Troops: Virtual Day of Giving to continue safely raising funds in the face of COVID-19. True to the USO-Metro mission of connecting service members to family, home, and country, this program encourages military families and single service member units to gather in fellowship and camaraderie for the holidays.

WTIC - Hartford, Connecticut

Since 2009, WTIC has partnered with Interval House, the largest agency providing support to domestic violence victims in Connecticut. Interval House serves more than 40,000 people with emergency services, civil and criminal court advocacy programs and community education. In addition to supporting Interval House's efforts through Community Grants from the TEGNA Foundation, station initiatives over the past decade have also included support for the annual "Breakfast of Champions" event, in-kind media support with station-produced public service announcements, talent engagement at annual events, holiday clothing drives and employee volunteering. WTIC also produced and aired a PSA for the nonprofit, which this year inspired a new private local donor to come forward with a $40,000 donation.

Media Grants in Action

TEGNA and the TEGNA Foundation are committed to the sustained success of the news media and broadcast industry. Our Media Grants invest in the protection of First Amendment freedoms, growing the public's trust by strengthening journalistic ethics, and helping the next generation of diverse journalists develop and hone career skills.

As many conferences across industries went virtual in 2020, the TEGNA Foundation continued its support of diverse journalism conferences to help ensure the education, training and networking facilitated at these events continued without pause.

National Association of Black Journalists:

TEGNA Foundation has been a long-term supporter of the National Association of Black Journalists' (NABJ) programs and annual conference. TEGNA Foundation's 2020 Media Grant to NABJ supported a workshop at their virtual conference titled "Where Do Journalists Go From Here," a candid thought session tackling pressing issues facing Black journalists. From Black Lives Matter and speaking truth to power to helping young journalists be successful, the panel explored how to create lasting positive change in our newsrooms and communities. The Foundation also supported the Black Male Media Project for the third consecutive year, a project that promotes the accurate

portrayal of the contributions of Black men to their

  • • The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association;

communities and supports Black male journalists through professional development, networking and mentorship.

2020 Media Grant Recipients

  • • American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education; supporting the virtual Moot Court Competition

  • • Asian American Journalist Association; in support of a specialized student track at the 2020 virtual conference

  • • The Carole Kneeland Project for Responsible Television Journalism; supporting trainings and online continuing education for journalists

  • • Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc.; for two workshops at the 2020 annual conference

  • • Media Institute; general support for the organization's dedication to the media and communications industry

  • • National Association of Black Journalists; for workshops at the virtual 2020 conference and the Black Male Media Project

  • • National Association of Hispanic Journalists; in support of student programming at the 2020 virtual conference

  • • Native American Journalists Association; sponsoring a new student program titled "Covering COVID-19 in Indian Country"

  • • Online News Association; providing scholarship support for students at the 2020 virtual conference

  • • The Poynter Institute for Media Studies; supporting a newsletter for and by people of color to provide strategies for getting the skills, connections, confidence and voice they need to succeed in their newsrooms and produce the journalism that matters in their communitiesproviding scholarship support for students at the 2020 virtual conference

Special Grantmaking

TEGNA has sought to support the movement for racial and social justice and equality. Through the TEGNA Foundation, we made a $100,000 special grant in general support of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

In a further commitment to supporting racial and social justice programs, WXIA through the TEGNA Foundation provided grant support to The National Center for Civil and Human Rights and other organizations, including The Georgia Justice Project, ACLU, and the United Negro College Fund.

KPNX in Phoenix, Arizona, partnered with a local organization, Diversity Leadership Alliance, to promote awareness of their programs for their audience as well as offer internal employee engagement opportunities. Diversity Leadership Alliance's goal is to provide a forum for diversity and inclusion dialogue and offer learning opportunities to the local community. Through grant support from the TEGNA Foundation, Diversity Leadership Alliance and KPNX will develop quarterly digital videos on the topics covered in their monthly (virtual) workshops for the KPNX audience. Topics include Diversity 101, Navigating Uncomfortable Conversations, Recognizing Unconscious Bias, How to Be an Ally, and Empathy Training.

To support programs aimed at creating greater awareness for the safety of local journalists, TEGNA Foundation made a special $75,000 grant to Reporters Committee for

KREM's "Sweet Reads" campaign distributes books for area children.

NEWS CENTER Maine Toys and Coats for Kids Drive.

Freedom of the Press. The Foundation's grant will be used to provide trainings for journalists and law enforcement departments to protect the First Amendment rights of journalists in addition to efforts to improve the safety of local journalists working to cover protests and demonstrations nationwide.

The TEGNA Foundation also supports other critical needs in the journalism and media industries. In 2020, the Foundation supported the Broadcasters Foundation of America, which aims to improve the quality of life for television and radio broadcasting professionals who findthemselves in acute financial need. General support was also provided to support the work of The International Radio and Television Society.

Public Service Announcements

TEGNA serves and supports our communities by offering free air time for nonprofits and charitable organizations to broadcast public service announcements (PSAs) that serve the public interest. In 2020, TEGNA stations provided $50.9 million in free air time for PSAs, a more than 30 percent increase versus 2019.

WXIA's Chenue Her covers the 2020 elections in Atlanta.

Human Capital


At TEGNA, we have always been proud of our diverse and inclusive culture. We believe that diverse voices and perspectives lead to great ideas and better collaboration and make us a stronger company. The events of 2020 have made clear that we must do more to ensure that our company is truly representative of the diverse communities we serve. We have undertaken several initiatives to drive meaningful and sustainable progress toward becoming a more inclusive and racially diverse company.

In June, TEGNA announced the creation of a Diversity & Inclusion Working Group comprised of employees from across the company. Led by General Counsel Akin Harrison and Senior Vice President, Media Operations and President and General Manager, WUSA, Richard Dyer, the employee group developed its charter, which includes three major priorities:

  • • Increasing TEGNA's racial diversity in key leadership and influential positions across the company

  • • Ensuring racially diverse perspectives are respectfully valued, sought after, and embraced across the company

  • • Identifying and combating inherent unconscious bias across the company through education and trainingIn September, TEGNA announced the appointment of Grady Tripp as the company's first Chief Diversity Officer. This role was created to drive focus and intentional actions to ensure our long-standing inclusive values resonate in all areas of our business. In this newly created position, Tripp is responsible for attracting, retaining and growing diverse talent and driving an inclusive and equitable culture at all levels of the company. Reporting directly to TEGNA President and CEO Dave Lougee, Tripp also oversees reviewing and enhancing policies and practices that drive our inclusion and diversity values, developing companywide training programs to enhance awareness and accountability in diversity issues, facilitating the company's Diversity & Inclusion Working Group and providing thought leadership on employee and organizational issues to help drive better outcomes.

During 2020, we have:

  • • Created local Diversity & Inclusion councils at stations where employees can share their ideas about inclusion and diversity opportunities, and advise managers about cultural dynamics at stations and in the community;

  • • Developed a framework for diversity and inclusion issue resolution;

  • • Conducted a thorough analysis of annual employee survey results by gender and ethnicity to support the creation of action plans at stations;

"TEGNA is committed to accelerating the pace of racial diversity across our company and our leadership. The initiatives we began implementing in 2020, with input from our D&I Working Group, have put us on a solid path to reaching our long-term goal of ensuring all TEGNA stations and business units are as diverse as the communities we serve."

- GRADY TRIPP, TEGNA Chief Diversity Officer


TEGNA Diversity & Inclusion Working Group

Kayana Alexander

Maria Delgado

Erica Doyle

Larry Everage

Hope Ford

Producer, WZZM

Marketing Producer,

Account Manager, WTSP

Newscast Director, WWL

Multiskilled Journalist,

Grand Rapids, MI

WFAA Dallas, TX

Tampa, FL

New Orleans, LA

WXIA, Atlanta, GA

Lindsey Granger Host, Daily Blast Live

Art Holliday

Mario Leal

Michelle Li

Stephanie Mackey

Gonzalo Magaña

Interim News Director,

Investigative Producer,

Anchor, KSDK

Brand Manager, WCNC

Executive Producer, KXTV

KSDK, St. Louis, MO

KENS, San Antonio, TX

St. Louis, MO

Charlotte, NC

Sacramento, CA

Chris Miller

Ana Rivera-Soto

Janet Roach

Eryn Rogers

Nazia Siddiqui

Khanya Webley

Senior Manager, TEGNA

Sales Manager, KIII

Anchor, WVEC

Anchor, WMAZ

Diversity and Inclusion

Senior Account

Marketing Solutions

Corpus Christi, TX

Norfolk, VA

Macon, GA

Business Partner, TEGNA

Manager, Premion

  • • Begun enhancing TEGNA's content review practices and developing a 2021 Inclusive Journalism program for news leaders and journalists to better recognize and combat implicit or unconscious bias and ensure stations' content represents the communities we serve.

In 2020, to further illustrate our commitment to progress and accountability in meeting our diversity goals, TEGNA CEO Dave Lougee signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge. CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion is "the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace."

Recruiting Diverse Journalists and Supporting Diversity in Media

In addition to financial support for conferences serving journalists of color, TEGNA also actively seeks out talent by participating in career fairs at these events. In 2020, during the NABJ/NAHJ virtual conference, TEGNA staff reviewed resumes with conference participants, provided feedback on demo reels and interviewed more than 200 candidates over three days. TEGNA also participated in the Asian American Journalists Association career fair, reviewing resumes and conducting interviews with candidates.

KENS (San Antonio) reports from the field.

TEGNA is also proud to sponsor the T. Howard Foundation Diversity Awards Dinner. The Foundation's mission is to "promote diversity in media and entertainment by increasing the number of diverse and underrepresented groups and underserved communities within the industry."



To further build on our 2020 progress, the TEGNA Board and management team has developed five-year goals to continue to drive inclusion in our content team, content leadership roles, management roles and culture. While improving diversity and inclusion across all identities will be a focus, our first priority is addressing inequities for our employees representing communities of color.

Our 2025 goals include increasing Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) representation as follows:

  • Content Teams: By year-end 2025, TEGNA aims to increase the diversity of our content teams (news, digital and marketing employees) to reflect the aggregate BIPOC diversity of the communities we serve, which is approximately 36 percent.

  • Content Leadership Roles: By year-end 2025, TEGNA aims to increase BIPOC representation in content leadership roles by 50 percent. Improving diversity in editorial roles ensures our coverage and storytelling reflects diverse perspectives and decision-making.

  • Management Roles: By year-end 2025, TEGNA aims to increase BIPOC representation across all management roles within the organization by 50 percent.

To support these goals, the company is implementing the following:

  • Talent Pipeline and Bench Strength: We will increase our partnerships with diverse professional organizations, develop and grow new and existing partnerships with HBCU's and other universities with diverse student populations, and continue to build on our internship, Producer-in-Residence, and other programs to support a strong pipeline of future talent. Additionally, we will enhance our development programs, establish mentorship and sponsorship programs, and create enhanced leadership recruiting processes to drive a diverse pipeline.

  • Leadership Compensation Tied to Diversity and Inclusion Goals: Through our annual performance management process, TEGNA has enhanced our diversity and inclusion goals for key leaders in the organization. A meaningful portion of their bonus potential will be linked to the successful achievement of goals and implementation of diversity and inclusion activities, as evaluated through our formal performance review process.

  • Multi-Year Inclusive Journalism Program: TEGNA has developed and is investing in a customized, multi-year inclusive journalism program with external partners. All journalists and marketers will receive extensive training, develop action plans, and undergo content audits to ensure we are accurately reflecting our communities in our coverage and storytelling.

  • Leverage Insights from Employee Feedback: We will use input provided by our Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, responses to Diversity & Inclusion questions included in our companywide employee survey and employee exit interviews to inform and improve our action planning and accountability.

  • Employee Training: We will provide all employees with ongoing resources and platforms to increase learning and discussion on diversity and inclusion topics and valuing differing perspectives to support our culture of belonging. This will include unconscious and implicit bias training for all employees, a companywide learning and discussion series, and a host of other activities designed to foster brave spaces for our collective growth.

Workforce Demographics

As of December 31, 2020, we employed 6,427 full-time and part-time people, all of whom were located in the United States.

Our workforce is 46.9% female and 25% people of color. In 2020, 53.7% of new hires were women and women earned 58% of promotions. 37.3% of new hires were people of color and 31.4% of promotions were earned by people of color. In key news leadership positions, 4 of 10 news director positions filled since the beginning of 2020 are diverse hires or promotions, and more than 50% of news directors are women.

In turn, our Board of Directors is 42% women and 17% people of color.

Supplier Diversity

TEGNA's Supplier Diversity Program encourages purchasing from diverse vendors. In 2020, 9% of TEGNA's spending on outside products and services (based on analysis of the top 200 vendors, which includes small businesses of 1,500 employees or less) was awarded to diverse suppliers.

New TEGNA sales executives receive training.


Our people play an important role in our success in today's rapidly evolving media landscape. Our key human capital management objectives are to attract, retain and develop the highest caliber talent in our industry. Our human resources programs are designed to support these objectives by offering competitive pay, industry-leading benefits and development and growth opportunities. We strive to foster diversity, inclusion and innovation in our culture through our human resources, diversity and journalism programs and policies.

Listening to Our People

In order to better inform our human resources strategies and help drive positive change from within, for the last two years we've conducted annual employee engagement surveys to better understand our employees' perspectives about working at TEGNA. Our 2020 employee survey covered a wide range of topics, including compensation and benefits, career growth and development, opinions of company leadership, TEGNA's performance on diversity and inclusion, and our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Feedback from these surveys provides our management team with valuable information about our workplace culture. Results are reviewed with our Board and used to develop and refine aspects of our overall human capital management strategy, including our diversity and inclusion initiatives and employee benefits plans.

Talent Development and Performance Management

In 2020, we focused our efforts on ensuring we have a consistent and formal mechanism to identify, track and develop our internal talent. This includes understanding our current capabilities, our future capabilities and what is required to address our capability gaps. We maintain a robust annual performance management process across the organization. Together with their managers, employees identify annual goals and, at the end of the year, provide their own self assessments as to goal achievement and job performance. The results of each annual assessment are reviewed with employees in one-on-one sessions with their managers.

TEGNA has several programs to recognize and develop talent, including Leadership Development, Executive Leadership, Producer-in-Residence and Mentoring programs. In 2020, TEGNA began accelerating planning to ensure sustainable recruitment, retention and promotion of diverse talent, including strategies for investing further in equity in development opportunities and increasing diversity in key leadership roles at our stations and throughout TEGNA. A core part of our executive officers' people goals include achievement of diversity initiatives and the development of diverse future leaders of our company.

KVUE reports on LGBTQ issues during Pride Month.

In 2019, TEGNA hired a director of talent development and in 2020 merged its talent development and talent acquisition functions together as part of a broader effort to build an integrated talent organization. These changes are designed to ensure our talent strategy is aligned with our business strategy, and that our talent systems, programs, and processes are integrated more effectively to deliver results. TEGNA has implemented a more robust approach to understanding and evaluating our current talent capabilities that allows us to better identify, develop, and select high-potential talent for opportunities in a more consistent way. We have also adopted key performance indicators to help hold our leaders accountable for growing and developing our talent to ensure we have the pipeline and capabilities to meet current and future business needs.

TEGNA's early-career producer program, Producer-in-Residence, is designed to help build a steady pipeline of outstanding producer talent to increase, diversify, and engage our audience. We also offer formal leadership development programs for high-potential talent to prepare them for success in future leadership and executive-level roles. In addition, TEGNA has launched a new learning series to help accelerate the development of diverse, high-potential talent to ensure they are prepared for future roles as news directors and digital directors. And on a regular basis, we provide functional-based developmentopportunities to continue to address real-time development needs in areas such as news, marketing, digital and research.

Championing LGBTQ Equality

For the fourth consecutive year, TEGNA is honored to be named a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality by the Human Rights Campaign's

Corporate Equality Index. The 2020 Corporate Equality Index evaluated LGBTQ-related policies and practices including non-discrimination workplace protections, domestic partner benefits, transgender-inclusive health care benefits, competency programs, and public engagement with the LGBTQ community. TEGNA received the highest marks in all categories, resulting in a perfect score of 100.

In addition to striving for equality in the workplace, TEGNA and the TEGNA Foundation are proud to support LGBTQ causes and charitable organizations. In 2020, the TEGNA Foundation provided a Media Grant to the NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists to support student scholarships at the NLGJA's virtual conference. TEGNA stations also partner with the TEGNA Foundation to support diverse LGBTQ-related nonprofits in the communities we serve through the Foundation's Community Grants program. WTSP (Tampa, Florida)

WTSP's (Tampa) socially distanced newsroom.

partnered with St. Pete Pride to support services for the local LGBTQ community including shelter, mental health resources and HIV services. WFAA (Dallas, Texas) provided a Community Grant in general support for Black Tie Dinner, one of the largest LGBTQ fundraising dinners in the nation which serves the North Texas LGBTQ community. In Washington, D.C., WUSA continued its long-standing partnership with the Washington AIDS Partnership, as well as grantmaking to support the Latin American Youth Center's STRIPES program, an after-school program focused on LGBTQ ally, advocacy and leadership training.

Supporting Employees During COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted our employees in many different ways. In spite of the uncertainty the pandemic has presented to our work and personal lives, the determination and flexibility of our employees has enabled us to deliver trusted news and inspirational content that both informs and brings hope to our audiences. TEGNA has prioritized the health and safety of our employees during COVID-19 by moving employees to remote work, implementing safety and other guidelines for news production employees and modifying television station buildings and other office locations following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's workplace guidelines.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we also invested in or made available additional health, mental health and wellness resources for employees and their families, including:

  • [email protected]: With a majority of employees working from home,

    TEGNA is covering the cost of membership to [email protected] from Care.com to help manage family care needs while balancing time at work. TEGNA has partnered with Care.com to give employees premium, unlimited access to local caregivers.

  • Expanded Medical and Mental Health Resources: To help employees cope with the effects of the pandemic, TEGNA encouraged all our employees to take advantage of the expanded resources available to them, including:

    • - Employee Wellness: Webinars on managing mental health, isolation, stress and anxiety during COVID-19 were offered to employees live and on-demand.

    • - Medical and Behavioral Health: TEGNA's healthcare provider, BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, expanded medical benefits to include telemedicine so employees can schedule video or phone consultations with their medical and mental health providers.

    • - Telemedicine: Teladoc's telemedicine program is available to all employees and family members for

Maintaining employee well-being is important to our employees and their families - and that's important to us.

During TEGNA's annual Open Enrollment period, employees are provided with numerous resources to learn about new benefits, including tools to compare medical plans, view cost scenarios, estimate benefit costs and understand Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).

- TEGNA's Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

sick visits and for behavioral health care sessions. All employees are eligible for nine Teladoc virtual visits each year, even if they are not enrolled in TEGNA's medical plans.

TEGNA's EAP offers support to employees and their families through 24-hour, 7-days per week confidential access to professional support to help manage stress, anxiety, grief, financial concerns, and much more.

Employee Well-Being

Maintaining the health and well-being of our employees and their families is a top priority for our company. Based on feedback gained from our annual employee surveys, we continue to implement changes to company-offered employee benefits to improve affordability and increase choice. For 2021, in addition to comprehensive health and wellness coverage, TEGNA announced additional benefit offerings to employees, including:

  • Expanded Parental Leave: To help employees focus on their family, TEGNA updated its parental leave policy so that all new parents will receive at least six weeks paid parental leave. There are no changes to the maternity leave policy for mothers giving birth, which remains at a minimum of 12 weeks paid leave.

  • Improved Fertility Coverage: TEGNA has added a new fertility benefit to support employees who are trying to expand their families. A leading fertility benefits provider, Progyny provides enhanced fertility coverage for treatments such as IUI, IVF, egg freezing, and more. Progyny provides access to the largest network of premier fertility specialists, as well as support and guidance for adoption and surrogacy.

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy: Often used as a therapy for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ABA therapy is now covered under TEGNA's medical plans.

  • HIV PrEP Rx: Starting in 2021, HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) prescription medications will be covered in full.

  • Company Holidays: Juneteenth has been added as a paid company holiday. Additionally, the day after Thanksgiving has been changed to a Floating Holiday that employees may use at their discretion to observe a cultural or other holiday that is personally significant to them.

Corporate Governance

TEGNA's management and its Board of Directors aim to create value for our shareholders through effective, ethical management of our company. TEGNA's Board of Directors strives to implement strong corporate governance policies that align with best practices for publicly held companies and the evolving expectations of shareholders and institutional investors.

  • Independent Board Oversight: TEGNA has an independent and diverse Board, led by an independent chairman. The Board maintains objective oversight as 11 out of TEGNA's 12 Directors are independent, with CEO Dave Lougee the only TEGNA employee represented on the Board. The separation of the roles of Chairman and CEO allows for effective, independent Board oversight and communication, while enabling the CEO to focus on executing the strategic plan and managing operations. The Board also conducts an annual performance evaluation to ensure the effectiveness of the Board and its committees, as well as the broader Board leadership structure.

  • Active, Engaged Board: TEGNA directors devote significant attention to discussions regarding strategy in order to identify all opportunities to create value for our shareholders. Board oversight of risk management includes a consideration of risks in the context of TEGNA's strategic plan and operations as well as regular discussions with senior leadership on implementation ofrisk management and mitigation mechanisms. Directors extensively engage with shareholders, actively seeking feedback from investors to gain a better perspective on TEGNA's management and performance in key areas.

  • Experience Aligned with Long-Term Strategy: TEGNA's commitment to Board refreshment has resulted in four new independent directors added since 2017. In line with TEGNA's long-term strategy, newly added Board members' skills provide greater insights into the continually evolving media landscape and enhance the Board's ability to create value for shareholders by identifying opportunities for growth organically or through mergers and acquisitions.

  • Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: TEGNA's Board and management are committed to ensuring our company reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. To strengthen accountability on diversity into the governance of our company, in 2020 TEGNA's Board adopted specific areas of oversight for each Board committee regarding how TEGNA approaches diversity: - The Leadership Development and Compensation

    Committee is responsible for monitoring TEGNA's performance in diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunity, supporting our commitment to D&I and the continuation of our efforts to gain and maintain diversity among our employees and management.







TEGNA Board of Directors - Key Board Statistics







Director Skills & Experience

Racial & Ethnic Diversity*



Gender Diversity*












Average Tenure:






Exceeds the S&P 400 and 500 gender and diversity averages and the level for the top S&P MidCap 400 companies.



- The Nominating and Governance Committee is

8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

responsible for overseeing the racial, ethnic and

gender diversity of the Board.

- The Public Policy and Regulation Committee reviews with management TEGNA's approach to, and initiatives and support for, promoting racial and ethnic diversity in our news and other content, through inclusive journalism and racial and ethnic diversity in our editorial decision-making and leadership.


The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoringTEGNA's finance and asset management-related diversity and inclusion efforts, including our investment and purchasing involving minority-owned businesses.

In addition to the practices discussed above, other important corporate governance practices we follow include:


  • • All of our directors are elected annually

  • • Our directors and senior executives are subject to stock


    ownership guidelines

  • • We3do not have a shareholder rights plan (poison pill)in place


  • • Our Board has adopted a proxy access by-law provision

  • • Mergers and other business combinations involving o2ur 1

company generally may be approved by a simple majority vote

1 0



8 7 6


In today's digital world, protecting our systems and our data from cyberattacks and unintentional or malicious breaches is a priority for TEGNA's leadership and our Board of Directors. Our Board, through the Public Policy and Regulation Committee, provides oversight and receives regular updates and reports about our cybersecurity and data privacy initiatives.


Policy and Governance - Our cybersecurity team is led by a Director of IT Security and Compliance, reporting to our Vice President of IT and Station Operations. IT leaders provide quarterly and annual cybersecurity updates to our Board of Directors. TEGNA uses the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and has clearly defined policies and standards for all employees and technical systems. We also have an internal Cybersecurity Council that conducts quarterly meetings to discuss cybersecurity risks, processes and controls, and strategy.

Technology - Following the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, TEGNA utilizes policies, software, training programs and hardware solutions to protect and monitor our environment, including multifactor authentication on all critical systems, firewalls, intrusion and detection and prevention systems, vulnerability and penetration testing and identity management systems. Our network is continuously monitored, and our cybersecurity team responds to any anomalies. TEGNA has an extensive patching and software update program, and performance metrics are reported to our Board.

Training and Awareness - We conduct annual security awareness training for all employees, and regularly conduct internal email phishing to validate training.

Third-Party Vendors - We require all vendors to adhere to our Information Security policies and practices. Vendor access is narrowly limited in scope, granting access only to necessary systems with the lowest level of privileges required. Vendor access is monitored and accounts are reviewed and attested to on a quarterly basis.

Incident Response - TEGNA has documented and tested incident response plans, which are updated annually and verified by an outside law firm specializing in cybersecurity.

Compliance - We conduct annual compliance reviews of all cybersecurity policies and procedures and utilize an outside cybersecurity firm to evaluate the overall program. Business units are required to attest to applicable TEGNA security controls on a monthly basis.

Data Privacy

We are committed to maintaining the most stringent protections to ensure sensitive or private information and data about our business, employees, customers and consumers is not compromised. Our Board of Directors, through the Public Policy and Regulation Committee (PPRC), oversees TEGNA's compliance with data privacy laws and regulations. Our Chief Privacy Officer works closely with our technology and other business units to address privacy issues when they arise. The PPRC reviews TEGNA's privacy policy with the Chief Privacy Officer on an annual basis to ensure our standards reflect applicable legal requirements and our current data practices. Our Chief Privacy Officer also provides regular reports to the PPRC.

Employee Data - Our employee data, including human resources and payroll data, is generally maintained by outside vendors under long-term contracts. Our vendors' data security programs are thoroughly vetted by our IT department, and contracts include strict protection requirements, including assurances that data is encrypted while at rest. We also require access to annual SOC-1 and/or SOC-2 compliance reports whenever available.

Consumer Data - Given the nature of our business, we do not collect sensitive personal information from our viewers, but we do collect basic personal information such as names and email addresses when individuals participate in services like receiving email newsletters or entering contests. All our digital properties have a privacy policy which clearly discloses how we collect, maintain and use consumer information and describes in clear language the ways in which our audience can limit and/or opt out of our collection and use of their data. We have taken measures to ensure we are compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act, most notably by integrating the OneTrust preference center into ourtelevision station websites to facilitate users' ability to opt-out of the sale of personal information in connection with ad targeting.

Customer Data - We are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and complete an annual PCI attestation. To help ensure that we remain compliant, we use a third-party vendor to process all credit card transactions with our advertising customers. As a result, we do not intentionally collect or otherwise have access to our customers' payment card data, allowing us to significantly limit the risk of exposing such data in the event of a security incident.

WFAA received a prestigious Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award for VERIFY Road Trip: Climate Truth. The WFAA team from Dallas took a climate change skeptic on a journey from Texas to Alaska to speak to experts and see first-hand the effects of global warming on our planet. From left: Bradley Blackburn, multimedia journalist; Justin Fain, guest reporter; Chance Horner, director; David Schechter, senior reporter.


TEGNA is committed to protecting and preserving our environment and minimizing our carbon footprint by operating our business in a sustainable manner as a responsible corporate citizen. As stated in our Environmental Policy, our goal is to ensure all company facilities and operations comply with federal, state and local environmental standards.

Recognizing that climate change is an ongoing risk to U.S. commerce, TEGNA is taking steps to identify environmental goals and timeframes for drawing down emissions and fortifying our operations to be resilient in the face of future climate impacts. Specifically, in 2021, we will be conducting a Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) gap analysis in order to develop goals and set action plans for Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). As a part of this process, we will incorporate science-based emissions reduction targets into our goal setting that align with international consensus on limiting global temperature increases.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic required that our teams be able to work safely from our facilities and at home. We made modifications to all of our locations to allow for proper social distancing, improved HVAC filtration systems, installed plexiglass dividers in common walkways and touchless restrooms, posted additional signage, and many other investments to continue operating in a safeand sustainable way. To enable and improve the work-from-home experience, we have deployed more than 1,100 laptops, expanded our video conferencing and VPN capabilities, added IP-based intercoms, and created extensive studios at home locations. At the height of remote work, TEGNA had approximately 85-90 percent of our entire workforce working remotely.

Before the pandemic, TEGNA committed to reducing unnecessary business travel by utilizing video conferencing technology across the company and will continue with that strategy. We continue to implement thoughtful energy efficiency strategies, including upgrading stations' studio lighting to LED, replacing non-efficient HVAC systems, and replacing roofs with energy efficient alternatives. To date, we have updated main studio lighting to LED at 33 of our 64 stations.

We recycle and responsibly dispose of technology products and equipment such as batteries and we reduce the waste generated at corporate offices and in production processes. TEGNA regards environmental responsiveness and resource conservation as an integral part of business management and supports finding sound solutions to such environmental problems as may arise. Each TEGNA facility is expected to manage its activities in a manner that will achieve our environmental goals. Each employee is expected to work toward these goals and is encouraged

WUSA investigates lead levels in D.C. metro area parks.

to advise their supervisor promptly of any situation that may be in conflict with our environmental policy.

When TEGNA seeks to upgrade office locations, our preference is toward LEED-certified buildings that are designed for energy efficiency and water conservation, like our studio and office facilities at KING 5 in Seattle, KHOU in Houston, Premion in New York and TEGNA's offices in Tysons, Virginia. TEGNA recently invested in upgrading WBNS TV's offices in Columbus, Ohio, to incorporate WBNS Radio, which was located in a separate building. Moving forward, we will build on the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to review our real estate portfolio to optimize and consolidate where possible to drive efficiencies and further reduce our carbon footprint.


In our commitment to serve the greater good, TEGNA stations regularly report on environmental, climate and sustainability issues that impact our communities.

Highlights from 2020 include:

WFAA - Dallas, Texas

Winner of a prestigious 2021 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award. In VERIFY Road Trip: Climate Truth, Senior reporter David Schechter knew that while many people have strong opinions on climate change, some don't know all the facts. His idea: help viewers understand not only what we know about climate change, but how we know it. In VERIFY Road Trip: Climate Truth, Schechter, multimedia journalist Bradley Blackburn and director Chance Horner began by leading a climate changeskeptic across Texas to interview leading scientists about rising levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, how CO2 levels have changed throughout history, and how humans have contributed to rising carbon emissions in modern times. After meeting with experts in Texas, they then travel to Alaska to explore melting glaciers and witness firsthand the evidence of the effects of climate change on our planet.

In 2020 Schechter continued his impactful work with VERIFY features related to the environment, including:

  • • Exploring the link between climate change and extreme fire

  • • How Texas became a leader in green energy

  • • The effect of wind turbines on bird populations

  • • Whether municipal water contracts in several Texas cities are discouraging conservation.

  • • Similarities between the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change

WUSA - Washington, D.C.

In late September of 2020, a WUSA investigation revealed that two Prince George's County, Maryland, parks tested as having elevated levels of potentially toxic lead. The lead - which can cause permanent damage to children's developing brains - was in the crumb rubber ground mats that kids run on and touch, according to testing by The Ecology Center, a Michigan-based laboratory. Because of WUSA's investigation, Prince George's County Parks closed both parks, hired a contractor to test lead levels, and re-opened the parks after fixing worn and damaged spots where larger rubber chunks were exposed. Prince George's Parks is now testing 40 playgrounds for elevated lead levels. WUSA's work followed a similar investigation

WLTX Climate Matters initiative in South Carolina.

KFMB reports on local San Diego, national and global environmental issues.

from 2019, when the station broke the news about dozens of D.C. Public School playgrounds having similarly elevated levels of potentially toxic lead. As a result of WUSA's investigation, D.C. council members continue efforts to pass a bill to mandate a constant testing regimen.

WBIR - Knoxville, Tennessee

For the past 25 years, WBIR has teamed up with the Friends of the Smokies to host the Friends Across the Mountains Telethon, which raises money for the nonprofit group that assists the National Park Service in its mission to preserve and protect the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. For this year's virtual event, WBIR produced one story for each day of the week for their 5pm newscast, providing additional exposure for the cause and highlighting specific needs for the Friends of the Smokies.

WLTX - Columbia, South Carolina 2020 marks the 10-year anniversary of WLTX's Climate Matters program, a local climate change reporting initiative on topics that directly touch viewers lives. Research has shown that WLTX viewers are better informed about the impacts of climate change than viewers of other local stations in Columbia. Stories in 2020 have focused on the COVID-19 impact on air quality, hurricanes becoming stronger due to climate change, how South Carolina gardeners are adjusting due to climate change, and how climate change is linked to extreme rainfall events.

KFMB (CBS8) - San Diego, California

KFMB's Earth8 franchise promotes a healthy, sustainable Earth through education, outreach and stewardship to inspire their community. KFMB's Earth8 programming in 2020 included reporting on commitments made by cities and countries to fight climate change; an inspirationalfeature on how a local woman is doing her part to combat the global waste crisis; and a candid conversation with CBS8's meteorologist and climate specialist about why the planet is seeing extreme weather events and record-setting conditions.

WGRZ - Buffalo, New York

WGRZ's Heather Waldman educates viewers about climate change through the informative and entertaining Climate Minute series. In 2020, Waldman's Climate Minute featured stories about four popular vacation destinations for Western New Yorkers (Disney World, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas and Hawaii), how climate change is already affecting these areas and what could be in store in the decades ahead. WGRZ's Michael Wooten spoke to scientists at the University of Buffalo, who are conducting extensive research into how climate change could impact Western New York. Wooten's feature examines how climate change will affect lake effect snow, impacts on the Great Lakes and the climate readiness of Buffalo's housing and building stock, which is the oldest in the country.

WGRZ's Climate Minute educates viewers about the effects of climate change.

KSDK interviews Mamie Cosey, a concerned resident living near a hazardous waste facility in the St. Louis area, about potentially toxic emissions that may be affecting her family's health.

KSDK - St. Louis, Missouri

In 2020, KSDK continued its reporting on Veolia ES Technical Solutions, a hazardous waste incineration facility in Sauget, Illinois, across the river from St. Louis. After U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth asked the CDC's Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to investigate whether the facilty posed a public health risk, residents in 2020 continued to complain about haze and odors in St. Louis neighborhoods. One year later, KSDK found that the ATSDR was still only in the preliminary stages of its investigation. KSDK reported on the mounting concerns of residents and spoke with experts on the potential health risks to residents living near these types of facilities.

Through the TEGNA Foundation, several stations also allocated grants to support sustainability efforts within their community:

  • • WQAD in the Quad Cities supported the local organization Schuetzenpark Gilde, building a walking path at the historic park, providing underserved youth a place to experience nature and installing lighting for a local softball field to ensure that the youth that are part of the Rock Island Girls Softball League could continue to safely play in the evening hours.

  • • NEWS CENTER Maine partnered with Pine Grove Programs to provide outdoor recreation activities to military members, veterans, and Gold Star families.

  • • WPMT in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, supported the Crispus Attucks Association of York Pennsylvania, providing youth with a clean, safe and joyful play area that is conducive to the restrictions of COVID-19 through the Sonny Simpson Playzone project.

SASB's mission is to establish and maintain disclosure standards on sustainability matters that facilitate communication by companies to investors of decision-useful information. We support SASB (the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) because its work contributes directly to generating comparable and consistent data. The table below provides information for the Media & Entertainment industry standard.

SASB Code(s) SASB Requested Metric(s)

TEGNA Response


Percentage of gender and racial/ ethnic group representation for (1) management, (2) professionals, and (3) all other employees

For a breakout of this data for U.S. management, professionals and all other employees, see page 25 of 2020 Social Responsibility Highlights Report.


Description of policies and procedures to ensuring pluralism in news media content

In 2020, TEGNA championed a diverse and inclusive work experience for all employees through the appointment of a chief diversity officer and launch of an employee Diversity & Inclusion Working Group charged with providing input to our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy and goals. We also focused on identifying and developing diverse successors and talent during our annual talent and succession review.

TEGNA newsrooms completed training throughout the year to promote media pluralism in both representation and quality of content. Training ranged from broader topics, such as implicit bias and empathy, to more specific topics such as disinformation and issue-based training, including voter access during the 2020 elections.

Each station seeks to engage a diverse panel of experts that reflect the communities we serve, and we employ an internal mystery viewer system for many markets to provide feedback and recommendations in support of our media pluralism goals.

In 2021, TEGNA will partner with Poynter to conduct a multi-month Inclusive Journalism Program for all TEGNA journalists, including producers and field crews, and marketers.

See page 24 of the 2020 Social Responsibility Highlights Report for more information on advancing diversity and inclusion at TEGNA and 2025 DE&I goals.


Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with libel or slander

We incurred $6,000 in 2020.


Revenue from embedded advertisingWe recorded $24,894,000 of embedded advertising in 2020.


Description of approach for ensuring journalistic integrity of news programming related to (1) truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, fairness, and accountability, (2) independence of content and/or transparency of potential bias, and (3) protection of privacy and limitation of harm

TEGNA's Principles of Ethical Journalism spell out our guiding principles of truth, independence, public interest, fair play and integrity.

All employees who gather, report, produce and distribute news and information on any platform review our code of conduct annually and attend annual training sessions on ethical journalism covering ethics, social media, conflicts of interest and fairness issues. Editorial interns and new hires must acknowledge the code of conduct.

Our chief ethics officer also conducts libel, privacy and fairness training for all journalists.


Description of approach to ensuring intellectual property (IP) protectionTEGNA employees create much of the intellectual property used by the Company. In order to best meet our business needs, we incorporate a variety of approaches in order to protect this intellectual property, including:

  • • Working with outside legal counsel to manage our federal and state trademark registrations;

  • • Maintaining a portfolio of material copyright registrations;

  • • Incorporating a digital rights management system into our companywide content management system in order to prevent the unauthorized redistribution of our digital media;

  • • Including provisions in our content distribution agreements that require distributors to abide by applicable intellectual property laws and prohibit the unauthorized use of our content; and

  • • contracting with a third party to administer rights claim management on a digital platform.

In addition, per our Code of Vendor Conduct, we require our suppliers to abide by our Ethics Policy and all relevant laws, which include requirements to protect Company assets and confidential information. We also include work-for-hire language in our standard independent contractor agreements, ensuring that we retain ownership of content created under such agreements.


1) Total recipients of media and the number of (2) households reached by broadcast TV, (3) subscribers to cable networks, and (4) circulation for magazines and newspapers

  • (1) Not applicable

  • (2) Households reached in 2020 by broadcast TV: 47,580,940

  • (3) Not applicable

  • (4) Not applicableSV-ME-000.BTotal number of media productions and publications produced

TV hours produced in 2020: 97,916 hours1 Radio hours produced in 2020: 3,830 hours2

  • 1 From September 1, 2020, to August 31, 2021, which corresponds with a standard television season. Management has elected to report hours produced instead of number of programs produced since management believes it is a superior measure for indicating the level of activity over a period of time.

  • 2 Management has elected to report hours produced instead of number of programs produced. Refer to footnote 1 for explanation.

2020 SASB Disclosure


For more on TEGNA's Social Responsibility initiatives, visit TEGNA.com/corporate-social-responsibility.

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