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Renewables are the future of the transport and energy industry. Why not when the planet is working day and night to decarbonize the environment. Rob Collier, vice president of marketplace LevelTen, outlines some of the trends you should watch out for corporate renewables. The first step involves checking out some of the biggest technology companies in the world.

Big tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft have been focusing on renewable energy procurement. And recent reports show that several mid-sized firms such as Salesforce have ventured into the industry. These big companies need power; hence they have to focus more on the energy available for their industry. Like every other year, these tech companies set sustainability goals and move the bar higher than before. With the New Year, there are predictions on what the corporate renewable buyers will strive towards in 2021.

Social justice is a crucial point of consideration: The corporate renewables buyers want to identify the social justice criteria to help these corporates settle for the best renewables. And the agreement doesn’t only focus on the positive impact on the project but also their fair pay and diversity when it comes to hiring employees. Companies like Microsoft are working on creating a 500MW solar power energy.

More companies need to achieve 100% renewable energy: Different companies claim to target 100% renewables by buying adequate clean energy for the corporate. However, whether fossil fuel energy use will end is something time will tell since experts are yet to find facts regarding renewable energy and demand.

Google is working on eliminating the need for fossil fuel to help the rise of renewable energy generation. For that, Google needs to invest in a technology that can shift the electricity demands in their data centers to match clean energy.

Various firms will commit to reducing: the big tech companies are venturing into technologies that can reduce their emissions into the environment. Apple is working on transiting the electricity in their manufacturing plans into 100% renewables by the end of this decade. Like Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are committing to reducing the emissions in their supply chain.

Storage projects in the portfolios: The corporates invest in wind and solar projects and acquire utility-scale storage projects. Storage infrastructure is a perfect choice when renewable power is low or unavailable.

The high-speed of the transition will rise innovation: Many companies have set up ambitious targets, and they have to deal with the rising energy demand. While working against the clock, the firms will focus more on innovations and motivate people to think big to improve the energy sector.

For a successful transition, there is the need for private and public sectors to corporate through these challenging times. The corporate world is working towards the net-zero targets, and this will lead to innovation.

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