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After every challenge presented during 2020, and moving into 2021, MacKillop College is proud of the enduring strength displayed through these adverse times. The College’s namesake, St Mary MacKillop said, “So great is the strength we possess in our unity” and Principal Rory Kennedy says the MacKillop community carries these words with them as an expression of their experience.

“Our theme for this year is ‘Respond to the cry of the earth’, and with the pandemic as a persisting reminder of how important it is to care for our environment and our world, we move to have an even more environmentally-focused approach in all that we do here at the College,” Mr Kennedy says.

“Everything from our newer facilities utilising recycled materials, to solar panels, to using recycled water for our irrigation … is part of this effort at minimising the harm we might do to our students’ and community’s future on this planet.”

MacKillop College’s education and student wellbeing programs are based on Restorative Practices, with the aim to build and maintain healthy communities, increase social capital, repair harm and restore relationships.

Mr Kennedy says they take pride in having a multicultural community and prioritising inclusivity and a love of diversity.

“We are not blind to the challenges that come with such a community and the importance education plays in bringing people together,” he says. “As part of a more collaborative approach, emerging pedagogies, including Project Based Learning, are steadily becoming part of our educational vocabulary and practice, with Year 7 to 9 students already immersed in PBL projects.

“Year 9, in particular, is an important year, as students have the opportunity to experience an integrated curriculum, with a variety of experiences dedicated to enhanced understanding of sustainable living, our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.”

The College also gives opportunity for students to address themes that are highly relevant on a global level, looking at social justice, harmony and unity, the environment and social change. Students are provided with guidance to become advocates for transformation in the world, and the truth of this is seen in the student-run extra-curricular groups. This includes groups such as HarMacK (Harmony at MacKillop, with a focus on cultural diversity and inclusivity), EcoMacK (aiming to implement sustainability strategies on campus as well as within the community), the debating team and MacKillop College Zoo Crew, which gives students hands-on experience in animal husbandry.

MacKillop’s state-of-the-art facilities serve to enhance educational opportunities, with gymnasium, chapel, amphitheatre, digital technologies hub, music and fibre centre, art rooms and food technology kitchens, all designed to meet the demands of the evolving climate and to cater for the unique needs of the community and the students.

MacKillop College, Russell Street, Werribee. For more information, contact the College Registrar on 8734 5200 or via email [email protected]

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