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Eastern Kentucky University’s Student Government Association (SGA) hosted their senate debate on Thursday, March 18. 

The senate candidates that attended the debate included Heidi Robbins, Tori Williams, Taylor Hoffman and Jordan Murphy.

Tori Williams is a junior nursing major who is focusing her campaign on the basis of student rights, safety and equity.

Williams wants to make SGA more diverse by focusing SGA outreach to diverse students who need their voices heard.

Williams claimed that her honors communication and rhetoric class is what helps her communicate with all types of people.

To Williams, being a leader means allowing others to learn under her wing and working together in order to meet the needs and wants of everyone.

When asked what the Big E experience means to her, Williams stated that she wants to make everyone at EKU feel like they are home and have a place where they belong.

“The student senate is about advocating and representation,” said Williams.

Heidi Robbins is a junior political science and social justice major who is basing her campaign on accessibility, housing rights and diversity.

Robbins said that in order to make SGA more diverse she will directly reach out to students whose voices are being silenced.

A class that inspired Robbins was her United States civil rights class. In that class, she said that she realized how much people still have to learn about diversity and social injustice.

Robbins described her leadership style as being a team player. She stated that being a leader means truly representing all people.

An example of a difference that Robbins has already made on campus is, when she noticed tables outside that were too close together, she spoke to the administration to get it fixed.

“The student senate is a great way to show everyone just how valuable student opinions are,” said Robbins.

Jordan Murphy is a freshman forensic chemistry major who is basing his campaign on accessibility and equity.

Murphy said that to him, being a leader means working as a team and making sure everyone feels included in the team.

Murphy addressed his French and the Atlantic Ocean study abroad trip, which he attributes to his appreciation of different cultures.

Murphy also said that he will use SGA to be a middle man who acts on the side of students but can then take their concerns and fix them.

Murphy is passionate about accessibility, especially during inclement weather, and encourages students to reach out when they have concerns.

“The student senate gives students a chance to change the things they want to change on their campus,” said Murphy.

Taylor Hoffman is a senior homeland security major who is basing her campaign on addressing the concerns of veterans and student parents as well as sustainability.

Hoffman said that she will make SGA more diverse by outreach to underserved communities on campus.

Hoffman claimed that her policy and legal analysis class helped her learn how to use her voice to stand up and do something about problems she sees.

To her, being a leader means being a good role model and showing students that they can make their own voices heard.

When asked about how she will address the diversity shortcomings on the senate ballot, Hoffman said that she plans to reach out, follow up and ask students who they want to represent them.

“My agenda for the senate is advocacy, inclusion and representation,” said Hoffman

The current senators running in this election are Makenna Lambert, Grant Bishop, Morrigan Hansen, Kayla Dunaway, Amanda Simpson, Chelsea Collinsworth, Abbie Supe, Tori Williams, Emma Nienaber, Richard Andrew Hart, Taylor Hoffman, Jordan Lee Murphy, Heidi Robbins, Shashauna Boles, Peyton Holmes, Jenna Johnson, Houston Abbott, Holly Miller and Ty Hendricks. 

Students who have not yet declared their candidacy still can be submitted into the voting ballot as a ‘Write-In’ on the day of the election and must obtain at least 12 votes/write-ins from their peers to be elected into the Senate. 

EKU Student Government Association elections will be conducted on Tuesday, March 23, through EKU direct.

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