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Protestor's march to Wendy's. Kim Stager | The Argonaut
Protestor’s march to Wendy’s. Kim Stager | The Argonaut

A Boycott Wendy’s rally held by Movimento Activista Social took place Thursday, bringing awareness to the Fair Food Program and why Wendy’s still declines to participate in it. 

Wendy’s, one of the five largest fast-food corporations in the country, is the only one who hasn’t joined the program, which works to ensure certain rights of farmworkers are not violated. 

University of Idaho student Pepe Maciel came to the rally to highlight the contributions farmworkers make to feed the rest of the country. 

“This is important because it impacts the community,” Maciel said. “There are a lot of views that make it seem like they are dispensable.” 

Pepe Maciel leads boycott Wendy's chants Thursday. Daniel Ramirez | The Argonaut
Pepe Maciel leads boycott Wendy’s chants Thursday. Daniel Ramirez | The Argonaut

Another protestor, Daniela Aguilar-Carranza, came to show her support for farmworkers. 

“It is currently farmworkers awareness week which spreads awareness about the bad conditions they face,” Aguilar-Carranza said. “I am a farmworker and come from a big farm working community so when I’m here I’m supporting them.”  

Jeanette Orozco, retention specialist for the College of Assistant Migrant Program and the Office of Multicultural Affairs at UI, oversaw the rally at Wendy’s. 

“Some students are part of both CAMP and OMA and some are diversity scholars, but it was brought together by MAS,” Orozco said. “These are students that bring social justice issues to campus and bring awareness to what people think is important.” 

According to Maciel, the goal of MAS is to bring cultural awareness to issues that affect marginalized communities, and not just those in Idaho. 

Students march through the University of Idaho campus toward Wendy's on Thursday. Daniel Ramirez | The Argonaut
Students march through the University of Idaho campus toward Wendy’s on Thursday. Daniel Ramirez | The Argonaut

The next event MAS is holding is called El Color de Nuestra Tierra, another yearly event they host. 

“The theme for this year is feminist movements in Latin America,” Maciel said. “Highlighting the past and present when it came to those movements.” 

El Color de Nuestra Tierra is at 5 p.m. April 24 in the International Ballroom of the Bruce M. Pitman Center.  

More information about OMA and upcoming events, visit their website. 

Daniel Ramirez can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @DVR-Tweets 

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