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Spanish companies will increase their investment in ICT in the next two years.

Deploy secure collaboration tools to maintain hybrid workforce productivity, deliver the best user experience to employees and customers, embrace cloud ‘as a service’, and manage internal corporate initiatives and solve big societal issues with technology. These are the main challenges for IT departments according to the report Accelerating Digital Agility from Cisco, which reveals how 23,000 CIOs and technology decision makers from 34 countries (including Spain, 1,002 consulted) intend to maximize investments and drive innovation to facilitate business success in the next 24 months.

Main conclusions of the study:

To succeed in the future of hybrid work, employees need highly secure access and the best collaboration experiences. In Spain, although 66% of CIOs and technology decision makers are not sure what the future of work will look like, nine out of ten believe that it is essential to maintain security, control and monitoring on devices, networks, clouds and applications. The majority (89%) consider it key to provide workers with easy access to high-quality collaboration applications and experiences. Defending the largest surface from cyberattacks is essential: 92% of Spaniards point out the importance of protecting remote work tools and customer and employee data.

IT teams must create optimized experiences for end users. More than three quarters (76%) of those consulted in Spain believe that the user experience should delight and not just satisfy. To offer a great user experience, the vast majority consider it important to ensure consistent application performance (90%) and to ensure that the infrastructure is as dynamic as the application software (90%). Nine out of ten respondents in Spain define it as important or very important to maintain the security of the application and aligned with the infrastructure to comply with regulations.

The need for agility, speed, scalability and security is driving the adoption of hybrid cloud environments and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solutions. Although the majority of CIOs and technology decision makers in Spain (85%) believe it is important to offer freedom of choice when it comes to cloud environments (public cloud, private cloud or SaaS), 86% consider it essential to maintain an operating model consistent across all of these settings. More than half of those consulted (56%) have adopted SASE solutions because they use Cloud applications that need to be protected (59%), they want to be up-to-date on industry best practices (55%) and / or their workforce is to remain distributed (39%).

Organizations embrace the ‘as a service’ (aaS) model, regardless of whether their solutions are deployed on-premises or in the cloud. 65% of those consulted in Spain use flexible consumption models, and 57% have adopted aaS solutions. Seven out of ten respondents believe that the aaS model will help deliver a better end-user experience and for IT teams. Additionally, 73% say it will deliver better business results, and 72% expect aaS solutions to simplify processes and eliminate risk.

Technology will be key to retaining talent, managing internal corporate initiatives and solving major social problems. The majority of CIOs and technology decision makers in Spain (87%) believe that the ability to attract and retain talent in the digital world will be critical. Almost half (47%) say they will empower current talent and invest in talent in new areas (41%) in the next 12 months. The majority (85%) plan to drive internal initiatives in 2021, including privacy (47%), sustainability (45%), employee mental health (40%), and diversity and inclusion (40%). In addition, 80% will address external social issues, such as: climate change (38%), the digital divide (34%), health care (33%), misinformation or ‘fake news’ (28%), justice social (27%), human rights (27%), poverty, hunger and homelessness (26%).

“IT managers are essential to ensure the success of their organizations in 2021”, highlights Liz Centoni, CSO and general manager of Applications at Cisco. “While new challenges will emerge, CIOs and technology decision-makers need to accelerate the digital agility of their teams so they have the speed, flexibility, and choice to consume services in both modern environments. as inherited ”.

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