Day: May 3, 2021

Local Compost Company Turns Food Scraps Into A Cycle Of Sustainability – Yahoo News

A local company is providing an at-your-door composting service to help the community produce zero waste. WBZ-TV’s Sarah Wroblewski reports.Video Transcript[MUSIC PLAYING]PAULA EBBEN: In tonight’s Eye on Earth, the mission is simple– compost, grow, eat, repeat.ANARIDIS RODRIGUEZ: That’s what one local company is helping people do. As WBZ’s…

Sen. Ed Markey: Proposed 1.5 million-member Civilian Climate Corps invests in planet-saving jobs in communiti –

Half of the proposed 1.5 million-member Civilian Climate Corps will come from communities of color such as Roxbury and Dorchester, where young people may benefit from training and career paths centered on combatting climate change, creating infrastructure and improving the sustainability of schools, buildings and entire cities, Sen.…