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Tiffany Pham Founder and CEO Mogul joined Yahoo Finance Live to break down the importance of workplace diversity and how they fill roles normally lacking diverse candidates.

Video Transcript

ADAM SHAPIRO: As part of our commitment to Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we decided to invite into the stream the founder and CEO of a company that's helping corporations worldwide improve their diversity and inclusion. And that person is Tiffany Pham. She is Mogul founder and CEO. It's good to have you here, and what stood out when I was reading the notes in preparation for talking with you is that you've already had an impact with more than 146 million people across 195 countries. Put that into perspective. What does that mean?

TIFFANY PHAM: Thank you so much for having me, first of all. And absolutely. You just noted we are reaching over 146 million people worldwide, incredible diverse leaders ethnically speaking, gender wise. And as a result, that's inclusive of women, minorities, people of color. And we are helping them all across 185 countries, 31,000 cities worldwide. And so, incredible leaders that, without Mogul, might not have had the same opportunities as those around them, but now with Mogul, as a result, have had access to incredible community, each other, as well as amazing opportunities from over 480 of the Fortune 1,000 who are clients of ours and countless other fast-growing, scale up startups, growing to IPO.

And then finally, as a result, we, through all the dollars that we've earned, are able to then provide out millions of dollars worth of free educational resources and opportunities to those minorities and women in need who also make up a portion of the 146 million. So, as a result, it completes this circular model for global good for us in this way.

SEANA SMITH: Tiffany, the companies that have been successful at attracting a diverse workforce, what are they doing correctly?

TIFFANY PHAM: So that's a great question. They're doing a number of different things correct. And first off, they're expressing their intent. They are ultimately communicating that they want to bring in more diverse talent into the workforce. And that intent, when internally communicated and externally communicated can start a whole chain of reaction of events. So as a result, for example, internally, that communication will suddenly create more retention of diverse talent internally.

It will also mean that as a result, that talent will, again, feel supported, feel better compensated, and as a result, they'll start to communicate externally, too, that this is a wonderful company for them, and it will lead to more talent attraction of more diverse talent than thereafter. But externally, as a company communicates that intent as well, that can come out in a number of different ways that can mean, as a result, that they are communicating this now in a very effective, diverse employer brand, meaning that now their job titles are more inclusive, their job actions are more inclusive, and as a result, again, reinforcing not more diverse talent, realizing that this is a company for them.

ADAM SHAPIRO: Sure. Share with us the number of people you've actually placed since the platform launched.

TIFFANY PHAM: Oh, that's a great question. Well, we service so many countless Fortune 1,000 companies, over 480 as mentioned, and so many companies all across the world that, ultimately, each one has various metrics that we must keep confidential. But a number of them, I mean, at this point, it wouldn't be much of a surprise for everyone to-- for Mogul to share that we helped, ultimately, place millions of people across the world. Every single day, we need display over 680,000 jobs from different companies that are filled within a 30-day time frame. So over the course of, now, the near decade that Mogul has been around, ultimately, we are placing so many countless, now millions of people, diverse leaders across these companies.

SEANA SMITH: Tiffany, from your perspective, do you think we've made a huge improvement, do you think companies have made a huge improvement over the past year, when we've placed even more emphasis on this?

TIFFANY PHAM: Absolutely. I can tell you now that Mogul had a record year in 2020. It was our biggest year ever in terms of our revenue growth, which signifies incredible tremendous world progress, right? Mogul doing better in the world is a sign that the world is headed in the right direction, that caring about equitable workforces, caring about diverse talents, and, ultimately, ensuring that diverse talent is gaining access to all the right opportunities across the workplace.

Now Mogul, in 2021, exceeded 2020 revenue in our first 3 and 1/2 months of the year. So as you can imagine, 2021, we are having a record year, given even bigger revenues than even of last year in the first 3 and 1/2 months of 2021. And that just yet shows again how the world has really caught up to what Mogul has been doing for so, so long. We've been talking about diversity recruitment and equitable opportunities and more for so, so long. And ultimately now, the market has caught up to us.

And that's because of Black Lives Matter. That's because of the AAPI community under attack. That's because women got sent back another 35 years by the pandemic on top of the 65 years that we were already set back and already needing in order to reach now parity at top leadership level so that we're talking about another 100 years. Now all of a sudden, companies are realizing more than ever that these are the very communities that they need to support. Not that they just want to support, but they need to. And that's because talent today, too--


TIFFANY PHAM: --has really decided--

ADAM SHAPIRO: Right, right, no, they need to.

TIFFANY PHAM: Yeah, talent today needs to ultimately understand a company 360 they've decided before they shop there, before they work there. So now a company truly needs to walk the walk, instead of just talking the talk for financial return.

ADAM SHAPIRO: Tiffany Pham is founder and CEO of Mogul. I look forward to when you come back. We'd like to continue telling your story as you help millions of people make their corporations more diverse and inclu--

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