Mayor Jane Castor Releases Resilient Tampa — the City’s First Resilience Roadmap – Tampa, Florida –

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Created despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Resident Tampa is a stronger, more equitable roadmap for the future, to address the most urgent shocks and stresses Tampa faces. Based on the city’s assets and strengths.

Mayor Jane Castor and the city of Tampa today announced Resilience Tampa, the city’s first resilience roadmap. With the support of the non-profit Resilient Cities Catalyst, led by Tampa’s first sustainability and resilience officer, Resilient Tampa is a known and unknown impact and stress faced by Tampa, including climate risk. Introducing 58 bold initiatives aimed at improving readiness for. Economic and social inequality.

Resilient Tampa, a groundbreaking roadmap for strengthening Tampa in the face of current and future challenges, is an important launch through Mayor Jane Castor’s strategic vision, “Changing Tampa’s Tomorrow.” The result of a great collaboration. Resident Tampa was built in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic through a robust and comprehensive community engagement process that includes open surveys, workshops, and ideas and suggestions from Tampa people. Ready infrastructure, and a growing and connected city.

“Tampa has been tested in a way that has never been tested, so the task of building a more resilient city is more urgent than ever,” he said. Mayor Jane Castor. “The spirit of partnership and coordination built into Resilience Tampa is important to implement this resilience roadmap and ensure that the city returns stronger than before. This roadmap is from individual Tampas to neighbors. It is organized on four scales, from region to infrastructure. To the city government-includes ambitious goals and tactical actions that all of us can contribute collectively. ”

2020 clearly demonstrated the value and importance of resilience. Cities like Tampa in the United States and around the world are at the same time addressing resilience challenges head-on. The impact of COVID-19’s pandemic, racial justice considerations, and increased frequency and unprecedented strength on climate. When Tampa looks to the future, cities, their inhabitants, and their infrastructure are constantly being tested, often disproportionately endangering vulnerable communities.

Resilience is an approach that helps cities leverage their strengths to tackle complex known and unknown challenges in the 21st century. By building this capability through Resilient Tampa, Tampa’s families, businesses, neighborhoods, institutions, and systems strengthen their ability to adapt and thrive in the face of both shock and stress.

“This roadmap initiative is not intended to be easily achieved, nor can it be carried out by one department, one mayor, or the workforce of the city of Tampa,” he said. Whit Remer, Sustainability and Resilience Officer, Tampa City“We hope that all Tampas can find at least one initiative that resonates strongly and stimulates the urge to participate to revitalize the community. Realize this roadmap and be more powerful. In order to do that, we all need to work together. A fairer, more elastic tampa. ”

Below is an overview of the key areas and key initiatives of Resilient Tampa, including timeframes and implementation partners. Roadmap timeframes are shown as short (within 1 year), medium (1-5 years), or long (5 years or more).

1. Opportunity for all tampanians: More than ever, we hope that all Tampas, especially the most vulnerable residents of Tampa, will be assisted, paving the way for the opportunities needed to support them, support their families and contribute to Tampa’s future. I have to make a promise. Examples of initiatives:

  • 1.2.1 Foster partnerships for economic mobility through a single tamper Work with philanthropy and the private sector to drive innovative economic mobility, workforce development and affordable housing solutions I will.
    • Time frame: Medium
    • Implementation Partner: Mayor’s Labor Force Council

2. Prosperous areas: We envision Tampa built on the diversity and strengths of all regions. Understanding our city from a neighborhood perspective, its foundation makes it possible to promote safe, prepared and economically accessible spaces for our residents. With the initiatives highlighted in this chapter, the city leverages the assets of a vibrant community to address resilience challenges, from affordability to climate and connectivity. Examples of initiatives:

  • 2.3.2 Development and deployment of urban heat pilot programs for vulnerable areas

    The city of Tampa will carry out a comprehensive review of policy solutions and programmatic approaches that can be deployed to address the well-documented impact of urban heat.
    • Time frame: Medium
    • Implementation Partner: Tampa City Sustainability and Resilience Office

3. Climate-friendly infrastructure: Our city is committed to bold actions to address both the causes and impacts of climate change. The initiatives highlighted in this chapter are prepared to recover from any climate-induced shock or stress to reduce the impact on the climate and strengthen the city’s existing and future infrastructure. it’s finished. Examples of initiatives:

  • 3.1.4 Make sure all municipal businesses are powered by 100% renewable energy

    The city of Tampa has promised to set an example and will shift all municipal businesses to renewable energy. The path to achieving this goal and ensuring that community operations are in place will be addressed in the next Climate Change Countermeasures and Fairness Plan.
    • Time frame: long
    • Implementation Partner: Tampa City Sustainability and Resilience Office

4. Growing and connected cities: We envision a city that not only works for all tampanians, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, or background, but also increases inclusiveness and effectiveness. To build resilience, we take an innovative and systematic approach to building lasting capabilities within the governance system. The initiatives in this chapter will enable governments to function fairly and efficiently by leveraging growth to incorporate resilient systems and address historical racial disparities. Examples of initiatives:

  • 4.1.5 Exploring mechanisms to make access to broadband more equitable

    The city seeks a mechanism to minimize Tampa’s digital divide by investing in low-income communities and finding ways to leverage existing partnerships with the private sector to increase the city’s access to broadband and 5G. To do.
    • Time frame: Medium
    • Implementation Partners: Tampa City Infrastructure and Mobility Management and Tampa City Parks and Recreation Department

“Under the leadership of Mayor Jane Castor, the city of Tampa occupies other world-class cities and positions that have developed a comprehensive climate resilience action plan.” CJ Reynolds, Director of Resiliency and Engagement, Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council“Storms, rising sea levels, increased heat, and drought floods can have a significant impact on all aspects of the community, from health, homes and neighborhoods to business districts, jobs and the economy, so this new plan Is very important. Tampa is an active member of the Tampa Bay Regional Resilience Union and looks forward to their continued cooperation on affordable housing, resilient development and other priorities. ”

“Resilient Tampa has many opportunities to lift the most vulnerable people in our community,” he said. Walter Smith, Co-Chair of the Tampa Bay Disaster Resilience Initiative and a member of Mayor Jane Castor’s S & R Advisory Team“People’s diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and we unite as a city to ensure that these initiatives make meaningful changes to those who need them most. Have to.”

“Resilient City Catalyst is proud to partner with Mayor Jane Castor and the City of Tampa to develop and release this groundbreaking new roadmap.” Corinne LeTourneau, Founder, Resilient City Catalyst“Resilient Tampa is built on the experience of developing and implementing resilience strategies across the United States to help cities survive and prosper in the face of disasters.”

About Resilient City Catalyst

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Mayor Jane Castor Releases Resilient Tampa — the City’s First Resilience Roadmap  Source link Mayor Jane Castor Releases Resilient Tampa — the City’s First Resilience Roadmap 

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