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The good thing about 2021 is that people are starting to speak up about the appalling racism in corporate America.  And no, it's not anti-Black racism.  It's anti-White racism in the form of Critical Race Theory's pernicious claim that racism is integral to White America and inextricably intertwined with every aspect of America itself.  This race-hatred often has anti-male hatred folded into it.  This doctrine is untrue and dangerous.

First, Dow Chemical.  Yesterday, I shared with you a recruiting email that Dow Chemical sends out to scientists who might be interested in working for Dow.  Magically, on the same day, Dow sent out an even more awful recruiting email.  If this keeps up, the once-mighty chemical manufacturing company will be good for little more than racially divided kumbaya circles in which recently graduated people holding "scientism" degrees talk about ways to save Mother Gaia.

The latest email boasts that Dow is holding "Virtual Career Development Events" so that potential job prospects can "prioritize [their] development" (emphasis mine):

Beginning this month, you have the opportunity to join in on the virtual career development events we offer for our current interns. This gives you an exclusive look into our inclusion and diversity journey, our sustainability activities, managing your stress, and developing what you want your career to look like.

The same email gives potential employees information about the "inclusive culture & employee resource group" run by its "Regional Inclusion & Diversity Lead."  Attendees at this seminar will be walked through "Dow's Inclusion and Diversity Strategy."  Curious, I checked out Dow's "Inclusion and Diversity" information and found its Committing to ACT page.  It's pure Critical Race Theory:

Racial bias and division are woven into the fabric of our society. Every day, members of the Black community encounter racism, bigotry and threat of violence because of the color of their skin. As we reflect on recent racial injustices, we know it's not enough to just condemn this bigotry. We have to dismantle it in ourselves and our organization.

Dow boasts, though, about its "Dow ACTs — a bold framework designed to address systemic racism and inequality within our Company and in the communities where we live, work and play."  Along the way, we learn that "Dow has been at the forefront of corporate advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community."  Dow intends to do the same "to address racism and racial inequality."  And of course, the BLM shakedown is addressed, because Dow promises millions to BLM-approved social justice causes.


Meanwhile, do you remember the recent revelation about Lockheed Martin's seminar for White men, telling them how awful they are?  Aside from being revolting, the seminar violated the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because Lockheed Martin is America's largest defense contractor (i.e., a huge recipient of taxpayer dollars).

When the news about the seminar appeared, people assumed that this racist project had only just started.  Au contraire.  Thanks to a letter from Sen. Tom Cotton to Lockheed Martin demanding answers, America learned that Lockheed Martin has been racially abusing lots of employees — 1,024, to be exact — and that this has been going on for 14 years!

SCOOP: In a response to Sen. @SenTomCotton, Lockheed Martin CEO Jim Taiclet admits the company has sent 1,024 employees through mandatory white male reeducation programs, forcing them to deconstruct "white male culture" and atone for their "white privilege."

— Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ (@realchrisrufo) June 8, 2021

It also turns out that Lockheed Martin has a variety of other training programs divided by race and sex.  I'm willing to bet that the programs for minorities and women, instead of being like the Maoist struggle sessions that required White men to acknowledge how evil and oppressive they are, told the minorities and women that they're good enough, they're smart enough, and — gosh darn it! — everybody but evil White men likes them.  The evil White men, of course, oppress them.

The letter from James D. Taiclet (a lily-white male, but apparently in no hurry to put his CRT values into action by giving his job to an oppressed transgender Black woman) closed with the laughable assurance that all of this race- and sex-based, abusive training totally complies with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Indeed, thinking about it, Congress should pass a law that any White person who advances Critical Race Theory and forces it on others must immediately give his job to a minority.  Likewise, all colleges and universities teaching Critical Race Theory must have only Black employees and students (all of whom get free tuition).  Their endowments should be turned over to struggling minority communities.

For now, I hope every one of those 1,024 men run through this program sues the snot out of Lockheed Martin and that every management person who signed off on it is found personally liable for his share in pushing this anti-American excrescence.

Image: Maoist struggle session 1967, updated.  Public domain.

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