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Voters have 26 candidates across four races to decide between on June 22. Of course, there are more running but these are your contested races and they include 15 candidates for five seats on the Board of Selectmen; Four candidates for two seats on the Marblehead Municipal Light Commission; Two candidates for one seat on the School Committee and six running for five seats on the Recreation & Parks Commission.

We asked candidates if they had ever held elected office and put the same four questions to each:

  1. What do you see as the big issue facing the town that needs to be dealt with in the next few years? What other needs have gone unmet that you think need to be addressed?
  2. What do you see as your role as -- selectman, School Committee member or Light Commissioner?
  3. Why should people vote for you? What skills, knowledge, experience, and talents do you possess that will benefit the town if you are elected?
  4. And for fun, what was the last book they read

But we have a confession to make. We dropped the ball on Recreation and Parks. They were not included in the profiles and that is a huge oversight on our part and we do apologize.

Those running for Recreation and Parks include newcomer Karin Ernst along with incumbents, Charles Osborne, Linda Rice-Collins, Matthew C. Martin, Derek Y. Norcross and Gerald P. Tucker. You can check out their candidate’s statements and candidates night on the Marblehead League of Women Voters website at

As for the rest of the races: Take a minute to hear from the 17 candidates that responded to our request:


Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate, incumbent Jim Nye

Jim Nye

Profession: Grand National Bank, president

Incumbent: 16 years on the Board of Selectmen

I am a native Marbleheader, born in the Mary Alley Hospital, educated in the Eveleth, Glover and Marblehead Junior and Senior high schools, Class of 1979. I graduated from Bentley College and am President and CEO of the National Grand Bank of Marblehead. Living and working in Marblehead allows me to be available to all who want or need access to town government.

We chose to raise three daughters in Marblehead because of the town’s natural beauty, safe environment, good schools, and services. I love Marblehead and am thankful for the many opportunities that the town has provided me and my family. It would be an honor and privilege to serve my 16th year on the Board of Selectmen. Over the past fifteen years, we have managed the town budget efficiently and economically within the scope of Proposition 2 ½ with no general overrides required. This success has been due to great teamwork between the boards, town administrator, finance director, and department heads. I would be honored to continue this work on behalf of the taxpayers of Marblehead.

The most pressing issue this year, as is every year, is delivering the high level of service that the residents of Marblehead expect and deserve, while providing for small increases in pay for our town employees within the town’s budget and avoiding a general override.

I just finished “The Indispensables” by Patrick K. O’Donnell

Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate Jim Zisson

Jim Zisson

Profession: Registered Professional Engineer

As a Registered Professional Engineer, I have been involved in many municipal projects and will make sure your tax dollars are spent wisely as we address the Town’s Road, Sidewalk, Sustainability, and Affordable Housing issues.

Previously Held: Naugus Head Association President (5 years), Brown School Building Committee (5 Years), Salem Housing Authority Treasurer(5 years) appointed by Gov. Deval Patrick. Various other Boards both Public and Private over the past 30+ years.

1. This spring, I went house to house personally delivering over 4,000 campaign “doorhangers.” By far and away the biggest concern residents have is the condition of our roads, sidewalks, and general infrastructure. Voters want them brought up to standard and don’t want a huge tax increase to get it done. As an engineer, I will work to address infrastructure, sustainability, and housing affordability issues in a tax-efficient manner.

2. Marblehead has a decentralized form of government.  As a Selectman, I will work collaboratively to make sure various departments, commissions, and boards work together towards common goals.  I will keep collaboration very much in mind when making appointments to town positions. We cannot afford fiefdoms; we need cooperation.   I will always be accessible to voters. My number is in the book.  I am easy to find. I will listen to your ideas.

3. I have a unique combination of people skills and technical skills. I have been in Public Service for 30+ years.  I know how to work on a Board.  I will ask pertinent questions and engage my colleagues in public discussion. I know when to stand firm, compromise or just move on. I know how to listen. I know and enjoy that everyone is different, but we can always find common goals.

4. Current read: “Observations on the New Constitution and on the Federal and State    Conventions,” by Mercy Otis Warren

To learn more about Jim and his campaign check out

Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate, incumbent Jackie Belf-Becker

Jackie Belf-Becker

Profession: Attorney

Incumbent: Currently 16 years on the Board of Selectmen (12 as chair)

5½ years on the School Committee, several as chair

1. Marblehead continues to be a very well-run town. We are open to new ideas and new ways of doing things, but not just for the sake of change. Ideas need to be vetted and carefully planned out. Otherwise, we may be taking three steps back and only one step forward. Our enhanced capital plan will be implemented over the next five years. Our historic buildings have been the subject of successful overrides; Fort Sewall is almost complete.  Needs have not gone unmet but, rather, planning is key; all projects can’t be fixed at the same time. Sidewalks and streets continue to be repaired, but never as quickly as most would like. I am an engaged member of the Coalition which seeks to promote racial justice and inclusiveness. I also serve on the Green Marblehead Committee which addresses climate change and its effect on Marblehead.

2. The Selectmen are the governing board in town. Yet, we have a decentralized form of government which means that there are multiple autonomous boards that don’t fall under the control of the selectmen. However, there is a significant collaboration with those other boards, as we are all working towards keeping Marblehead moving forward.

 I interact with any citizen who contacts me. I am accessible and spend hours on any given day speaking to citizens or other elected officials. As chair, I interact with the Town Administrator frequently. Department heads usually contact the Town Administrator rather than a Selectman.

3. People should vote for me because I have many years of experience and institutional knowledge. I am results-oriented and collaborative. I bring people together to come up with the best path forward for Marblehead. I am often the go-to person with answers to difficult issues or problems. I work hard to run meetings that allow the public to speak and be heard. I respond when someone reaches out to me.

Also, and probably most importantly, I love being a Selectman and give my all every day.

4. “The Four Winds” by Kristin Hannah; next in line is “The Indispensables” by Patrick K. O’Donnell

Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate Rose Ann Wheeler McCarthy

Rose Ann Wheeler McCarthy


I previously elected to Rec & Parks & Cemetery Commission

1. My personal goal would be to try and keep taxes down so young people could afford to come back and live in Marblehead. The balance is off in our town with more older people because younger people can’t afford it. We also need more affordable housing for both young families and seniors.

2. I want to make people feel welcome.

3. I support local businesses and I’ve always stood up for the citizens of this town.

Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate Ben Berman

Ben Berman

Profession: Corporate Attorney

While I haven’t held public office, I have spent the last ten years serving on the Finance Committee, many as Chair. I’ve also served on the Brown School Building Committee since its inception as well as other sub-committees, including the budget and forecasting committee.

1. Of no surprise, should I be elected, Town Finances will continue to be a priority for me.

Over many years, the Town has budgeted in a conservative manner, adopting level-service budgets with a focus on level funding. While this has allowed the Town to keep taxes relatively stable over a long period of time, we are now in a position where our budget has an increasing reliance on free cash.

I believe it’s time to take a hard look at our needs, our expectations as a community, and service delivery to determine how we want to go about funding initiatives into the future. My experience and knowledge of the Town’s budgets from an insider’s perspective would allow me to play a vital role in championing a comprehensive financial review.

A critically important piece of that review will be a close examination of our capital needs. While the Town has made strides with regard to investments in our infrastructure, public buildings, equipment, and vehicles, we need to focus on building a more comprehensive, long-range Capital Improvement Plan.

We also need to invest in our technological infrastructure and work to improve our roads and sidewalks. And, while the Selectmen don't have oversight over the schools, our school system must be a major piece of any comprehensive Town planning efforts.

In partnership with other town leaders, I hope to work with the School Committee, Superintendent and his team on Widger Road to finalize a clear plan that meets all the needs of our administrators, teachers and students. Ultimately, my goal would be to present a said plan for review, and, ultimately, Town support in 2022.

In addition, if elected, I’d work with fellow town officials to effect change in the areas of Social Justice, Sustainability and Housing.

2. The Board carries the overall responsibility for the general operations of the Town, including setting policy and strategic direction, overseeing budgets, appointed bodies, and creating basic regulations. It’s critically important that each Selectman be a team player, looking to resolve issues and opinions with an appropriate tone, rationale, and high moral compass. I can think of no better way to describe the role, and my personal goals as a Selectman, than that of equal parts leader and teammate to the Town.

I am proud to have developed critical trusted relationships with town officials, community members, and the Town Administrator. I will hit the ground running on day one with these strong relationships already intact.

As for Marblehead’s citizens, my door is always open and I welcome the opportunity to hear from you today, tomorrow or in the future.

3. I believe I have the breadth of experience necessary for a seat on the Board. Again, I’ve spent more than ten years serving on the Finance Committee, many as Chair. I’ve served on the Brown School Building Committee since its inception as well as other sub-committees, including the current budget and forecasting committee.

I am committed to ensuring the very best for our town and school services. I fully understand the need to balance the tax impact on residents of our community while also providing the level of services and high-quality education that we have come to expect in Marblehead. Striking that balance is as important today as it has ever been.

I believe I would make an excellent Selectman, having prepared myself for this role over more than a decade of service to the Town. I have extensive experience, a great passion for the Town and a steady hand. I pride myself on my strong common sense, friendly approach and sense of humor. Further, as a husband, a father of three children in the school system, and son-in-law of Headers, my focus has always been on balancing the needs of all Marblehead’s citizens. And, if elected Selectman, I will continue to honor that balance, working to ensure the very best for our town.

4. Last night for my son’s bedtime, I read “A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee” by Chris Van Dusen.

I am currently reading “The Indispensables by Patrick K. O’Donnell.” It’s a terrific read about a group of soldier-sailors from Marblehead who “Shaped the Country, Formed the

Navy, and Rowed Washington Across the Delaware.” Go to the Marblehead Museum and pick up a copy.

For more on candidate Ben Berman go to

Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate Anthony Sasso

Anthony Sasso

Spent 18 years as the town’s first administrator

1. In my opinion, the most challenging issue is the Town’s budget. We need to prioritize our expenditures, especially for infrastructure such as sidewalks and roads, to ensure that we provide the most services possible to the residents.

We must resolve the outstanding collective bargaining agreements that were not settled at the annual town meeting. As a former town administrator, I know that having a motivated workforce with great morale is key to delivering the services that residents demand. On the other hand, employee benefits have a long-term fiscal impact that affects every taxpayer’s wallet. We must strike the proper balance.

2. The role of the Selectmen is to establish and communicate clear policy goals with the acknowledgment that, while the Town has a decentralized form of government, its residents expect and deserve centralized efficiencies.

I prefer to communicate with residents in person, listen to their concerns, and discuss what’s on their minds. When personal contact is not convenient for them, I will also be responsive to cell phone calls and email correspondence. I will be accessible to department heads, support them during the budgeting process, and seek their input on how to best serve the Town’s residents as it relates to their specific departments. I believe the Selectmen must set clear and realistic objectives for the town administrator. There’s an art to strong policy guidance, and I know we can achieve that in Marblehead.

3. I was Marblehead’s first town administrator from 1994 until my retirement in 2012 when I chose to pursue other professional goals. I bring 18 years of experience having successfully supervised the day-to-day operations of the Town. My unique perspective gives me a genuine understanding of how the Town operates, its various boards and commissions, and the relationship between the general side of government and the school district. Most recently, I volunteered on the Old and Historic District Commission (OHDC). I consider my candidacy for Selectman to be a continuation of my volunteer service to the Town of Marblehead.

4. My most recent read was a book about the life and career of author L. Frank Baum, “The Real Wizard of Oz.”

Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate, incumbent Moses Grader

Moses Grader

Incumbent: First elected 2017Co-founder and partner of Little Harbor Advisors, LLC (an investment management firm based in Marblehead). U.S. Marine Corps veteran

Finance Committee for 9 years (2008-2017), the last 6 years as Chairman.

1. As a Selectman, I am currently serving on committee roles for the issues that I believe need to be addressed on the next few years.   As a member of the Board’s Budget Committee with the Town Administrator and Finance Director, we are working with the UMass Collins Center to improve budget processes toward the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the GFOA to address the need for more transparency, reduced reliance on free cash, and new policies for better contingency management and cost savings.  As a member of the Fair Housing’s Marblehead Housing Production Advisory Committee, I am engaged in finding ways to increase the stock of affordable housing.  As the Selectman member of the Board of Health’s recently established Mental Health Task Force, I have been fortunate to assist an impressive team seeking to leverage and integrate mental health resources across town in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

2. I believe that true effectiveness as a Selectman is achieved by working hard to build consensus that allows the Board to act in concert.  I am proud to be part of a Board team that consistently tries to look for root causes of problems; to make decisions based on facts, data, and logic; and overcome differences by building positive relationships with a balanced perspective.  It is important for the Board to work with the department heads through the Town Administrator, who acts much like the Chief Operating Officer of the Town.  While the Board sets policy and has ultimate authority over decisions affecting the Town, it is essential for Selectmen to be highly informed, to avoid micro-management, and to pro-actively inspire the leadership of the Town Administrator and department heads to do their jobs with excellence, ownership, and accountability.  I seek interaction with all Marbleheaders, principally through the day-to-day problem-solving of the Board’s executive functions.  I believe from the bottom of my heart that all Marbleheaders who share their views with freedom and fearlessness are engaged in the most fundamental act of participatory government, which has served our great Town well for over 350 years.

3. You should vote for me if you share my broad vision to maintain Marblehead’s long-cherished history of socioeconomic diversity, to welcome and integrate new and diverse Marbleheaders into the community, and to steward the Town’s resilient participatory government – which successfully draws a wide variety of energetic Marbleheaders in the service of our town.  I bring over a decade of service to the Town, which includes nearly four years as Selectman and nine years as a member, and then chair, of the Marblehead Finance Committee.  My collaborative approach reflects my experience as a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, an economic development consultant in Africa and Eastern Europe, an executive in the financial services industry, and a co-founding partner of Little Harbor Advisors, an investment management firm located on Doaks Lane here in Marblehead.  I have a BA/MA from Tufts and an MBA from Harvard. 

4. “The Indispensables: The Diverse Soldier-Mariners Who Shaped the Country, Formed the Navy, and Rowed Washington Across the Delaware,” by Patrick K. O’Donnell.

Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate Dustin Floyd

Dustin Floyd

Profession:  Hospitality Consultant (Hotels – InterContinental Hotels Group)

Have you previously held public office?  No

1. The big issue facing Marblehead that must be remedied is the sad truth that many of the seniors that built this community can no longer afford to call it home.  This fact seems lost on many and is one of the chief reasons I’m running for office.  Coupled with the lack of affordable housing I believe the condition of our streets and sidewalks is of huge importance.  I just don’t truly understand how such a fortunate community full of well-intentioned citizens can continue to year after year tackle huge capital projects when basic infrastructure needs go unmet.

2. The role of Selectmen in our town should be one of servant.  Serving the needs of the community by being accessible, understanding, and above reproach in the way and manner in which they conduct themselves.  Regarding how I would interact – my cellphone number is 504-442-6706 and that won’t change after I’m elected.  I ask that the members of our community reach out should they require assistance or wish to voice their opinion.  My interaction with town officials will be no different than any of my interactions, I’ll be respectful but at the same time ensure what needs to be done is done.

3. The long answer – ( contains a lot of information on me and how I will benefit the town as Selectmen. 

The short answer is The good people of Marblehead should vote for me because I’m different - I care only about serving this community, being a good steward of what I’m entrusted, and ensuring all Marblehead citizens are represented - not just those of wealth and privilege.

4. The last book I read was “The Better Angels of Our Nature” by Michael Halleran.

Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate Erin Noonan

Erin Noonan

Profession: Attorney

Public office held: none, but many volunteer positions

1. Our town has a number of pressing needs that require proactivity versus reactivity.  We can accomplish this with the development of a strategic master plan to prioritize, plan, and budget for our future.  A town-wide master plan, that evaluates and incorporates both essential needs and community-based priorities, should operate as a blueprint for future action, a timetable to achieve each goal, and a budget document.  Strong financial management requires both short and long-term planning and an ability to effectively communicate the challenges and opportunities surrounding town-wide initiatives.  Specifically, a master plan should include, among many priorities: addressing the lack of senior and affordable housing; proactively planning for climate change and coastal resiliency; and addressing the urgent, long-deferred capital maintenance needs, including our roads and sidewalks.

2. The Board of Selectmen is the senior-most elected position in town government, which sets the agenda for all public priorities facing our community.  Most important among its duties is ensuring financial responsibility in the town’s budgeting and planning. To ensure success in its role, the Board members must actively seek out community input from all stakeholders and be accessible and open to feedback so that residents have a voice in the process. To this end, and as a start, I’d like to see all Board members have dedicated email addresses for constituents to be able to reach members directly on town-related business. The Board also has a responsibility to bring all town departments together to better address town-wide needs more holistically.  By acting as good stewards of Marblehead’s past and future, the Board can ensure the maintenance and preservation of infrastructure and town assets, while planning for challenges on the horizon.

3. I will offer a fresh perspective to the Board around how to move Marblehead forward in the 21st Century.  As an attorney who represents clients in trial and appellate proceedings, I will bring my advocacy and analytical abilities to this position in order to represent you, the voters, in town government.  As a community volunteer, I will bring my track record of achieving positive results through consensus-building.  Finally, I will bring my commitment and willingness to communicate effectively, ask hard questions and challenge the status quo when necessary, and respect my fellow board members.  I will actively seek out community input and be available to all residents because I believe strongly that elected officials are most successful when they are engaged with and accountable to those they represent.  

4. “She Wins, You Win” by Gail Evans.  It was given to me by a friend when I announced my candidacy and it is a book about why women are underrepresented in senior positions in business and government and how everyone, men and women, will benefit from more equal representation. 

Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate Alexa Singer

Alexa Singer

Profession: Pilot, Educator, Department Chair

I haven't been elected to public office, I have been appointed and elected to several town committees and boards including the MHD Schools Facilities Master Planning Committee, the Coffin Gerry PTO board including as co-president for 3 years, co-secretary of the Marblehead High School PCO board and various positions with the Marblehead Youth Soccer Association board.

1. The challenges we face in our neighborhoods, schools, businesses and the environment impact the quality of life for all Marblehead residents. We must develop plans to address our sidewalks, building, and infrastructure needs. We must support our local businesses and encourage new business growth. We must ensure our schools and town departments are adequately funded. We must explore grants and other funding sources to offset costs to taxpayers. We must support a greener Marblehead, protect our natural resources, parks, and conservation lands. These are just some of the challenges facing our town but I'm confident they can be solved through comprehensive planning. 

An over-reliance on free cash and chronic delays in funding key municipal responsibilities, including building infrastructure, roads, and technology infrastructure also needs to be addressed.

2. A Selectman serves as a leader for the town. The role requires setting policy, implementing risk management, and creating a strategic direction. A selectman works with the board to appoint leadership and then coordinates all the departments to ensure the financial management of the town. As a selectman, I will use what I have learned from my professional experience and my years of service to the Marblehead community to introduce new ideas while still respecting tradition.

3. Professionally I am well qualified for the Board of Selectmen. I am a tenured professor, Department Chair, and Chief Pilot for Aviation Management and Professional Pilot degree programs. I have experience with complex regulations, hiring and recruitment, union negotiations and contracts, pensions, education, small business, finance, and grants. I am prepared to lead the town and handle a multimillion-dollar budget.

I am trained as an educator and a pilot to analyze a problem and find the most effective and efficient solution and then to take action.  Sometimes that means thinking of something that has never been done and sometimes that means following procedures. But it always means taking action when appropriate and finding solutions.

I will apply that same passion for learning and commitment to finding solutions to the Town of Marblehead. I am not afraid to make tough calls. It is the core of my professional experience, to educate myself and others and then act decisively. Hand me a problem, I start looking for a solution. I will always be honest and ask for input and advice. I will respect the opinions and decisions of our Town committees, boards, and departments. I will always be transparent and will bring an informed and independent voice to the Board of Selectmen.

4. “The Indispensables,” Patrick K. O’Donnell

Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate Anne Stevenson

Anne M. Stevenson

Profession: Court Appointed Attorney for Juvenile Court involved youth, persons living with disabilities.

Never held elected office but I routinely attend and participate in Board of Selectmen meetings and the meetings of other town boards and commissions.

1.Honestly, I love Marblehead and we are very fortunate to have so many things going right in our town. The priorities I would focus on include:

  • Protect and support Town workers
  • Transparency, accountability
  • Celebrate Marblehead history, preserve historic places
  • Diversity, equality, inclusion
  • Support the local retail community
  • Keep Marblehead affordable, accessible
  • Seniors
  • Initiate the Municipal Youth Internship program
  • Preserve and protect Conservation land, coastal properties, and environmental resources
  • Improve technology and infrastructure, pave our roads and sidewalks
  • Ensure Town boards have common goals and objectives, are staffed with appointees who are passionate about Marblehead with relevant skills/expertise
  • Celebrate, support Marblehead dogs (and their owners)

The sidewalks are a big one for me because safe pedestrian access to the community has an impact on everyone’s quality of life. Marblehead is one of the best places in the world to have a dog. A few weeks ago, my grandmother’s best friend was out walking my grandmother’s dog when she tripped over a corrupted sidewalk and broke her arm. Those kinds of accidents can lead to devastating consequences for seniors. People with disabilities and the general public should be able to safely navigate our sidewalks and roadways. For local dog owners, walking around town is a big part of our social lives and efforts to stay physically fit. For that reason yes I do think we can do better.

2. The Town bylaws give the Board of Selectmen general supervisory authority over all matters affecting the interests and welfare of the Town. I would tend to see my role as a Selectman as both a guardian and part of the community. You can’t be a guardian of a community that you are not part of, and I have always done my best to actually show up and demonstrate my support for everyone in the Marblehead community.

3. Marblehead should vote for me because I have a demonstrated track record of being a strong, brave, independent, and authentic leader who is passionate about Marblehead. The reason why I am running for Marblehead Board of Selectmen is that I love this town and I'm committed to DOING something positive to give back to my community.

My family has lived and worked for towns on the North Shore since the 1700s. I want you to know that I’m no stranger to the challenges that hard-working families in this town face. Since my son Reece was born in 2002, I have raised my son alone, put myself through school at Tufts University and Suffolk Law School while working to support my family. None of this would have been possible without the support of my family and the kind members of the Marblehead community.

Since I became a lawyer in 2017, I’ve worked as a court-appointed attorney representing juvenile court-involved families and people living with disabilities. Anyone can say what they want on the campaign trail, but I have a proven history of participating in town board meetings and getting things done for Marbleheaders. Less than four years after passing the bar, the Massachusetts Bar Association awarded me the Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year award for demonstrating outstanding character, leadership and legal achievement, and because of the public service, I contributed right here to this community.

These experiences have defined my priorities and values in ways that connect with Marblehead families and would bring fresh and more diverse conscientious representation to the Board of Selectmen. My proven history of brave, outspoken leadership demonstrates that if someone needs help or if things need to be done if there are difficult discussions that need to happen or questions that need to be asked, you can count on me to stand up for you and do my best to bring solutions and improvement to the table. That’s why you should vote for me on June 22nd.

4. “Hope in the Dark; Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities” by Rebecca Solnit

Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate  Caroline Murphy (left) with her mom Karen Murphy

Caroline Murphy

Email: [email protected] 

Facebook Campaign Page:

Profession: I am a substance abuse and mental health therapist, supervisor, clinical administrator, and insurance manager at Baldpate Hospital in Georgetown. Additionally, I own a small business in the holistic and energy healing field.

I have not previously held public office

1. One of the issues that I plan to focus on is maintaining open communication with our community, other departments, and the town administrator in a transparent and accessible manner.  If elected I will solicit feedback from our community on all sides of an issue, and I will complete community needs assessments before prioritizing an issue or task that would impact the town’s budget.  The board must be mindful of cost-benefit analysis and what the benefit would be when making decisions that impact the overall budget.

I am running because I love Marblehead. I do not have a personal agenda or a plan to make sweeping changes.  I want our community to thrive while working to maintain our infrastructure, keep taxes low, support our elders in being able to continue to live in their lifelong homes, boost our local economy by supporting small businesses, and addressing increasing mental health and substance abuse treatment needs. 

2. Marblehead has one of the purest decentralized forms of government allowing for the community to be heavily involved in making any significant changes in town.  Each department in town has a large degree of autonomy and no one department can “tell” another department what to do. The role of the board of selectmen is similar to that of an executive director. The selectmen support other departments by maintaining effective communication and working to develop a balanced and fair budget each year.  The Selectmen offer oversight and have the ability to form competent and experienced teams when addressing complex issues.  The Board of Selectmen must also remain accessible to the community and address community needs efficiently and with compassion.

3. I listen to people, I hear them, and I prioritize the needs of the community over any outside organization or personal agenda. I love Marblehead, I grew up here, and I will work tirelessly to maintain the history, integrity, morals, values, and grit that Marblehead was founded on. I am honest and fair, and I will always take the time to explain any decision I make to those who have questions.

As a therapist, I have extensive training and experience taking personal emotions and biases out of decision-making in order to focus on the good of all. I am a logical, rational, and open-minded candidate and I want to hear what you need. I am a free thinker and I will legislate for what is in the best interest of the entire community. This is not a self-serving position and that is why it is best for it to remain non-partisan. It’s not about the Board of Selectmen, it’s about the community that they serve.

Currently, I am a substance abuse and mental health therapist, supervisor, clinical administrator, and insurance manager at Baldpate Hospital in Georgetown. Additionally, I own a small business in the holistic and energy healing field. I received my BA in Psychology from Stonehill College, and my Master of Social Work from Boston College.  My skill set in macro social work also gives me the ability to effectively conduct community needs assessments, seek grant money for specific needs before using money from the budget, and executing long-term plans.

4. “To Bless the Space Between Us” by John O’Donohue

Marblehead Board of Selectmen candidate Yael Magen

Yael Magen

Profession: Municipality attorney

1. The biggest issue facing Marblehead is our fiscal stability. We are witnessing rising taxes together with deteriorating infrastructure and the need for town maintenance and upgrades on our streets and buildings. Our fiscal conservatism has provided us with financial stability throughout the years and should continue to be a pillar in our governance, but our town is running on fumes, relying on free cash, and barely surviving with a surplus budget.

We must buckle up, think about our needs, our goals, and how we plan to get there. Things like heat waves should not be a reason our schools shut down or have teachers, staff, and kids in uncomfortable and dangerous situations. We must keep what works and tweak what doesn’t and create a master plan for a thriving responsible fiscal ability and functioning infrastructure. 

I will enhance our governance and ensure compliance with governmental processes and legalities.

I am a strong believer in promoting and securing our town's unique history and will highlight our uniqueness and role in American history.

I will ensure secure and safe police together with maximum community cooperation and community wellness including social and mental services. Our police should have all the up-to-date tools to do their job to the best of their abilities and have the citizens feel secure on the streets and trust their protectors.

I am a family woman and want to enhance multi-generational programs and interactions in our town. A society is built on the old and the new, the young and the elder and only together we thrive.

2. The role of a selectman in town is more than just the duties and responsibilities that are given by the by-laws, such as the appointment of officials, and developing the warrant, but a selectman's main role is to lead, represent our town and be accessible to the citizens.

They are the body that defines the quality of governance and compliance, the body that defines our goals and future, the body that strives for accountability, transparency, and diversity, and the body that represents what our town is about.

As a municipality attorney, daily I advise mayors, city councils, boards of selectmen, chiefs of police, and heads of municipal committees, boards, and offices how to do their job legally and in the best interest of the residents. I will work tirelessly to ensure legal governance and transparency including providing selectmen email so that the citizens can interact with each board member and provide the citizens with easy access to town documents permits and licenses.

The only way I get my job done is through cooperation. I believe that only through cooperation and reaching to the other side can we achieve success and maximum productivity. I will work cooperatively with all the department heads and town administration to ensure the most effective governance that puts the citizens' needs first.

I will also ensure the continued development of inclusivity and ensuring that all citizens feel welcome, safe, and part of our community and leadership. Representation matters and we must encourage everyone to take part in our governance.

There isn't a problem we cannot fix as long as we listen to each other and focus on the best interest of the town. 

3. I am a municipality attorney and know how towns work. I am an ex-soldier and know how to work under pressure and in emergencies. I represent businesses and residents applying for municipal permits and licenses and know how frustrating these steps can be. I have had almost two decades making towns and cities better.

I am not afraid to stand up for what is right, even if it’s against the popular vote. I approach a problem or an issue with rationality, facts, understanding, compassion, and reaching to the other side. I have always advocated for the truth, social justice, and freedom.

I will always ensure that the people of Marblehead are in the center of each and every decision and that the board works for them and not the other way around.

My unique skill set, life experience, and knowledge together with my cooperative abilities, listening skills, compassion, and standing up for what is right, makes me one of the most qualified and only candidates that will be ready on day one, Marblehead cannot lose with me by her side.

4.  “Double Deuce,” Spencer series by Robert B. Parker


Marblehead Light Commission candidate Simon Frechette

Simon Frechette

Profession: Corporate Intelligence Consultant

1. The biggest issue that needs to be dealt with in the short term is leveling out peaks in our electricity use, as the power plants used to generate electricity on peak days are the dirtiest and most expensive.  Shaving the peak is one of the quickest and most impactful strategies MMLD can take to reduce costs, ensure reliability, reduce carbon emissions and minimize the need for peaker plant capacity. One of the best ways to help shave the peak will be implementing time-of-use pricing, enabling residents to save money and support a healthy environment at the same time.  This is part of a larger unmet need for an overall long-term strategic plan to transition to clean energy sources and improve the resilience of our grid.

2.  I see the role of a Light Commissioner as follows:  (1) Uphold fiduciary principles and act in the best interest of the MMLD and its ratepayers; (2) Be informed and conduct proper due diligence prior to decision-making and voting; (3) Actively oversee the General Manager; (4) Monitor and protect MMLD’s finite resources; (5) Follow the laws, such as Massachusetts open meeting laws; (6) Operate with a high degree of environmental and social responsibility.

3. I will leverage my analytical expertise and business experience, including on the senior leadership team of a $17B global transportation and logistics company, to provide effective governance and help lead the department through a rapidly changing climate and energy landscape.  I will work to transition our electricity portfolio to carbon-free sources by 2040 while securing the continuity of MMLD’s reliable and affordable service through infrastructure fortification, facilitating local generation and storage as well as minimizing our exposure to fossil fuel price fluctuations.  I will do this with the knowledge I’ve acquired and relationships I’ve developed with the existing leadership as a result of attending Light Board meetings over the last 2.5 years as an interested citizen.

4. “Talking to Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell

Marblehead Light Commission candidate Christopher Hardy

Christopher Hardy

Campaign Website:

Profession:  Renewable energy (offshore wind energy development)

I was appointed by the Select Board to serve as chairman of the Wayland Cultural Council (my hometown) in awarding grants to local arts and cultural projects, from 1995-1998.  I was twenty-three.

1. The Marblehead Municipal Light Department has provided reliable and affordable electricity to its customers for over 120 years. And, it has made gains in the past few years, particularly in assessing solar energy options and developing the infrastructure for the growth of electric vehicles. But currently, only about 40% of the electricity the Light Department purchases comes from renewable or carbon-free sources. The years ahead will require an even more targeted and innovative approach to meet the enormous climate challenges we face.

Recent state law requires Marblehead and other municipally owned and operated electric companies to meet new carbon reduction standards. As electrification of the transportation and building sectors accelerates over the next few years, the Light Department will need to catalyze joint efforts among town departments, boards, and its business and residential customers towards a carbon-free future.

Massachusetts recently recognized the need to meet rising energy demand while acting urgently and effectively against climate change by passing the Next Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy law, which requires the Marblehead Municipal Light Department and other municipally owned and operated electric companies to meet new carbon reduction standards.

In addition, The Marblehead Climate Vision, developed by the Green Marblehead Committee and unanimously endorsed by the Marblehead Board of Selectmen, sets an ambitious community-wide target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

As electrification of the transportation and building sectors accelerates over the next few years, the Marblehead Municipal Light Department will play an increasingly critical role in helping us to achieve this goal. 

2. As Municipal Light Commissioner, I will advocate for the development of a detailed strategic plan to address the key recommendations set out in the town’s vision document and prepare the Light Department for the dramatic changes on the horizon. By developing and adopting a strategic plan, the Light Department can be the leader in catalyzing a joint effort among town departments, boards, and its business and residential customers to meet Marblehead’s target of net-zero carbon neutrality by 2040, while continuing to ensure affordable rates, and maintain safe and reliable service.

3. I am running for a seat on the Municipal Light Commission because I want to make the Light Department a leader among municipally-owned electric companies in the transition to a clean energy future.

While I’m new to Marblehead, I’m not new to the issues facing the Light Department. Before moving to Marblehead in 2019, I spent most of the previous seven years living on the road in communities across “The Wind Belt” that stretches from the Dakotas to the Texas border, where I worked on the development, construction, and operation of utility-scale renewable energy projects (onshore wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and storage technologies). At the start of 2020 and with the emergence of viable offshore wind energy on the Atlantic coast, I joined a joint venture to develop an offshore wind energy project off the coast of Massachusetts. These experiences build on my ten year career at the Massachusetts Audubon Society, where I advocated for strong environmental laws.

For more than 20 years, I have been engaged in environmental advocacy, renewable energy, and community leadership.   I am driven by the principle that openness and transparency and listening to people with different points of views is what drives successful policies and projects.

4. “A Furious Sky: The Five-Hundred-Year History of America's Hurricanes,” by Eric Jay Dolin.  I heard Eric give a virtual talk this past winter, which motivated me to check out the book.  I appreciate the way Dolin sets out to trace epic themes of history in his various works, positioned around our relationship with the natural world. 


Marblehead School Committee candidate Jennifer Schaeffner

Jennifer Schaeffner

Profession: Real Estate Investor

Marblehead School Committee member: 2016-2020

1. The single most important job of the School Committee is establishing and managing the budget for our school district. We have been level-funded for over 15 years; which does not mean level services. We have witnessed, year after year, reductions in certain budget items. Each year we go through this exercise of listing educational priorities and each year they get eliminated.

In the meantime, we rely on parents’ generosity and volunteers to keep our district going: fundraising for tents, landscaping services, lunch volunteers, uniforms, and technology. I am committed, if elected, to work with the public and our professional staff to start from scratch and create a budget that will tell us exactly how much it will cost to provide a high-quality education for students in Marblehead. Funding that budget, and securing the resources to do so, will require a combined effort with the Town Government. I commit to working collaboratively and openly with the administrators we have across the town to present a sound, solid and affordable budget plan to the members of Town Meeting in 2022.

We are about to open the newest and last new school building in our 1999 School Master Plan: The Lucretia and Joseph Brown School. The School Committee is responsible for the maintenance, improvement, and sustainability of all our school buildings. I commit to working with the School Administration and the Finance Committee to build a sound and reasonable funding plan for this so we never find ourselves with decaying, neglected and environmentally wasteful buildings. Our students, staff, and community deserve no less.

In a post-pandemic world, we need robust development, implementation and evaluation of the curriculum we are teaching our students. This includes academic and social-emotional lessons that meet the changing needs of our students to be prepared for life post-graduation. We must create a structure that allows for constant scrutiny of our curriculum and rigorous oversight of the standards of teaching. We have federal funding coming this year; this is one-time funding that the School Committee must ensure is spent on these most pressing needs.

2. The role of the School Committee member is defined by law: develop and oversee the school district budget, hire and oversee the Superintendent of Schools and set school district policies. These responsibilities require School Committee members to be disciplined in fulfilling their roles. If elected, I promise if someone asks me a question, I will answer. If a community member speaks in a public meeting, I will respond and engage. If the Administration makes a proposal or recommendation, I will ask questions in public before deliberating or voting. I will make documents available to the public and the press well in advance of meetings, if not already done so by the administration. I will host recurring Town Hall style meetings, open to anyone in the public who has concerns or questions about the school district In short, I will interact with all members of the community in a direct, open, and respectful way.

3. I grew up in Marblehead, attended Marblehead Public Schools as did my two children. My husband Bob and I moved back here in 2003 when we started our family. I worked for over 20 years in the investment and banking industry and am now a small business owner on the North Shore focused primarily on real estate investing, development and property management.

I was an active parent leader in the Marblehead Public Schools for many years including serving as an officer for several Parent Council Organizations and four years as Co-chair of the Marblehead Special Education Parents Advisory Council. While on the School Committee I served on several sub-committees including, Budget, Policy, Wellness, and Facilities. I Cochaired Selection Committees that successfully hired the Permanent Director of Student Services, Interim Superintendent of Schools, Permanent Superintendent of Schools, and Permanent Assistant Superintendent of Schools. I served on several School Advisory Councils and on several statewide committees which give me a broad network of colleagues throughout the state with whom I share information, advice, and recommendations.

I have listened, learned, applied critical thinking and have knowledge of how the School Committee is supposed to work. It is time to put our students first. I promise you, if elected, I will put our students first and respectfully ask for your vote on June 22.

4. “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis,” by J.D. Vance.

Marblehead School Committee candidate Meagan Taylor

Meagan Taylor


Profession: Project management consultant and graduate student:

Incumbent: I am currently the vice-chair of the Marblehead School Committee. I have been on the School Committee since 2018.

1. This is an amazing town and we have so much opportunity to cement an educational environment that has excellence as its benchmark. We have done so much great work already and I want to see it through.

This is especially true for the funding of our schools. I have been consistent in this: In order to provide our students with the tools and skills they need to reach their potential, we need a plan that will take us into the future, and we need to be able to clearly communicate that plan to the community.

That is one reason why I have pushed so hard to get the strategic plan initiative off the ground. I have also relentlessly advocated for inclusion for all students, equality, sustainability, and efficiency with our practices. 

Further information on my vision and specific goals for the future can be found on my website

2. What do you see as the role of the School Committee? The obvious answer is that the school committee provides oversight of the budget, sets policy, and hires and evaluates the superintendent. However, it is really the HOW you do that which is important and sets my candidacy apart. 

School Committee members should not lead by having combative relationships with administrators. We have seen that does not yield positive results. Rather, the best work gets done through developing relationships that are built on trust, honesty, and working respectfully with others. Effective partnerships are created when there is mutual trust and support.

3. During my current term, the School Committee has made tangible improvements that have moved the district forward. I am committed to continuing this track record.

My background is in finance and technology, building collaborative and diverse teams as well as delivering transformative change to large financial organizations. This professional experience helped me to develop the skills needed to help build, collaborate, and drive change during my time on the school committee. My finance background also positions me to bring best practices for budget development and oversight to ensure that, going forward, the budget process remains streamlined, strategic and most importantly, student-focused.

My personal experience with my own child inspires me to advocate for inclusion and equity of all students. This has included serving as co-chair of, and as a leading advocate for, the Marblehead Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC).

Additionally, I am pursuing my Master of Social Work degree at Boston University. This allows me to thoughtfully and meaningfully address the social-emotional needs of our students, staff, and community. 

The School Committee needs members that have a proven track record of delivering positive, open, and strategic change. I have that track record. I have the experience. And, perhaps most importantly, I have the positive and collaborative attitude to make it happen.

4. “Caste” by Isabel Wilkerson.

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