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If you want to buy Dad something different for Father's Day, boy we have a list for you! The website looked at the Father's Day gifts people are searching for this year and came up with the one each state is buying more than other states.

A few states seem to be looking for more traditional dad stuff: In Alabama, it's all about fishing gear, Arkansas, they want dad smelling good with cologne. Here in Massachusetts, not just a six-pack but abeer gift boxes (we like to do things right!) Also in Vermont, it is all about the wax seal for the dads who are letter writers.

Heading up to Michigan, you have to a dad personalized coffee mugs and t-shirts, in Oklahoma, dads put it on everything hot sauce and West Virginia, Birkenstocks. And of course, to go for the whole dad look don't forget the white socks to go along with those Birkenstocks

Here is the fun part of Dad's day when you buy him something, shall I say unique? or less-traditional dad gifts: Hawaii, your dad will be juicing to his heart's content with cold press juicers, New York, hopefully, your dad has a green thumb because plants are what people are looking and New Mexico, "rustic, manly jewelry."

And we go over the edge here are some of the most oddball things we're buying, Dads in Connecticut are getting shorts with built-in underwear WEEEE! in Idaho, pillows that look like sports jerseys, Kansas wants to give Dad a, quote, "pill for limitless brainpower" (scratching my head on that one.)

In Maryland, George Washington memorabilia, Tennessee wants stuff from the Cracker Barrel store Texas, luxury toothpicks (???)  Virginia is looking for laser-engraved beef jerky.

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