The Breathtakingly Scenic Zig Zag Drive In The Perth Hills Will Reopen Next Month – The Urban List

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Thanks to local hoons and anti-social behaviour, it’s been a hot minute since we’ve been able to go for a drive down the oh so scenic Zig Zag Drive in the Perth hills. It was closed to cars last year to address all the illegal behaviour going on at night, but now 12 months on, the iconic road is due to reopen to cars this July.

With its winding turns that (surprise, surprise) zig and zag down the western side of the Darling Range within the Gooseberry Hill National Park, you get spectacular new views around every corner, including some pretty special ones of Perth city. 

It’s those views that have had people all over Perth crying for the road to reopen and after a recent vote, the council has decided to trial reopening during the day for 12 months, starting this July.

What You Need To Know

From 1 July cars will be allowed to enter the road between 11am and 8.30pm, with local rangers closing the gate each night to prevent any hooning activity.

Keep in mind, you will be sharing the narrow, steep, one-way road (flowing top to bottom) with cyclists and pedestrians, so drive slowly (stick to the 40km/h speed limit), take care and enjoy the ride.

On the way down you’ll find designated spots to pull over and lap up those seriously next-level views so charge up your phone so you can grab all the snaps. And again, just take care when you’re pulling over and be mindful of those you’re sharing the road with. 

Of course, if you don’t want to drive, you can still hit up the route on foot. This will give you the freedom to explore other sites like the Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail and Stathams Quarry Walk.

While sunrise is still reserved for cyclists and walkers, sunset is totally open for cars, so head to the road then if you want to catch some seriously magical skies... just be warned, everyone else might be chasing the same thing so it could get a little busy.

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Image credit: @georgiekfromwa

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